5 Reasons to Love Tribal and Aztec Prints

Patterns with Tribal or Aztec flair add a worldly vibe to an outfit. Here are five reasons they are easy to love.

1. They’re Bright

Vivid colors are in this spring, and while you’ll find a few tribal prints in more neutral tones, most are in intense solid hues or bright, unusual color combinations that add a burst of life to your appearance.

2.  Exotic

I love the relaxed ethnic vibe. These patterns communicate. Whether they’re the focus of a dress, bracelet, or whatever, they’re fun, mysterious, and exciting.


3. They Camouflage the Problem Spots 

The tunic or a flowy blouse is a perfect style to complement these exotic patterns and colors, and what better way to camouflage a midlife waist or tummy? Just be sure to wear any blousy top with skinny or slim-fitting pants. A  wide pant paired with a full bottom doesn’t work.

4. They are Comfy

Speaking of looser silhouettes, another advantage, of course, is a comfort. These ethnic tops are loose without being baggy and also lightweight and breezy.

blue ikat print top



5. They Draw the Eye Up

Tribal and Ethnic patterned clothing is being shown with lots of embellishment like beads and sequins, especially around the neckline. What an excellent way to draw the eye up towards the face, or in the case of sandals, highlight your legs, and who doesn’t like a bit of bling.

Would you wear this look? Send us a photo, and I will post it!

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16 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Love Tribal and Aztec Prints

  1. Too boho for my tastes. Been there, done that. Plus –I have a good figure, and loose flowing tops look like they are hiding something.

  2. I don’t care for the boxy look of the tops in this post. Not flattering to many, but especially not flattering to a top-heavy, petite frame like mine.
    I am now taking them in, due to having lost quite a bit of weight. I’ll send you some photos when I get them altered. Wanda in Edmonton

  3. I really love the tribal fashions because by wearing tribal clothes i am feeling so comfortable.These collections are good but you can find many varieties of tribal collections at Etnix placed at Byron Bay.

  4. I love the tribal look! I find that the Tribal Jewelry compliments this style as well as any other! Primal style has a great assortment of styles all for regular pierced ears!

  5. I am 69, African American, recently relocated from a cold to a warm climate.
    I never again want to dress in a business suit or anything higher than a kitten
    heel. My daughter tells me that I am clueless when it comes to casual. I need a jump start, where do I begin? HELP!!!!!

  6. i love the look!!!!!! i am planning on purchasing an ikat print top in green and cream..i won’t be paying alot for this purchase..just in case it is out next year!!!

  7. I stumbled across the Fab over 40 website a couple of weeks ago and WOW! It really has helped me tweak my chic. As a 58 year old one-time fashion junkie, my body has changed so dramatically in the past few years that I was disgusted and depressed with my look. In an effort to appear sophisticated I’d resorted to an almost exclusively neutral palette that did nothing for my fading skin color or my psyche. Now I’ve upped the color quotient, taken the style hints offered on the site as great guidelines, and it’s completely changed my outlook on myself, current fashion trends, and given me a sense of general optimism toward life. REALLY!!!…and by following your shopping like a pro advise, it didn’t even cost me a fortune. Thank you for reawakening my inner fashionista. I feel like I’m in love again.

  8. I absolutely love the tribal look in tops and jewelry. In fact, today I’m wearing a brown, ikat print silk top from BR, slim fitting cropped khakis, a coral necklace, and bright orange espadrilles. No one would ever know there’s a 54-yr old stomach hidden underneath!

    1. Hi Nicole,
      JJ here…I actually like the tribal print on pants and actually have a pair… they make me feel fun and festive when I wear them. I don’t really like the pattern on the tops, but that’s just on me. I’ve seen them on women that look great in them.

  9. I’m sorry but I do not like these at all. They are frumpy looking and remind me of the 1960’s. They are not flattering.