5 Ways Leggings Can Take You from Boring to Boomer-licious!

How many times have you hit the stores in search of something new and wonderful and ended up trudging home with the same old thing…..another basic white shirt, another pair of jeans, another pair of practical shoes, an outfit with zero personality? Talk about BORING and disappointing!

If you’re stuck in a style rut and can’t see your way out, why not try leggings? Here are five ways leggings can take you from Boring to Boomer-delicious!


1. Leather Leggings Add a Youthful Edge

Who says you can’t wear leather leggings when you’re in your 50’s or 60’s? You absolutely can, but it’s all in the way you style them. Tight leather leggings and a short crop top is better left to 20-somethings, but leather leggings and a long silky blouse that covers your bottom is a mix of elegant and edgy.



blue and white sheer tunic

2. Leggings + a Tunic  Hide a Tummy

Long tunics flow nicely over your tummy, hiding a jelly belly. Some short dresses are more like tunics and can double as tops when worn with leggings. This airy t-shirt style tunic with the modern print is perfect for summer and can be worn as is or belted.

3. Leggings + an Asymmetrical Tops add Creative Style

Many women 40+ find have a desire to dress more creatively. Asymmetrical tunics are off-kilter and interesting. Worn with leggings, they give you a little bit more of a dramatic or creative look.



This asymmetric tunic has handkerchief hem. It looks like a giant scarf and has a beautiful, flowy feel to it.


4. Leggings are Super Comfy

One of the obvious things about leggings, not to be overlooked, is that they are super comfy, comfier than jeans. That makes them especially great for weekend fun and traveling.



5. Leggings are Slimming

Leggings can be incredibly slimming if you wear one color from head to toe. Pair black leggings and a long black tunic with black shoes or boots, and you create a long, lean line that makes you look tall and slim.

Are you ready to go from boring to bootylicious in a pair of leggings?

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2 thoughts on “5 Ways Leggings Can Take You from Boring to Boomer-licious!

  1. Fantastic post with timing just right for me. I was feeling a bit low and really frumpy. I haven’t lost the weight I wanted to prior to Christmas and your post reminded me that I can still look good……….and comfortable. Leggings and tunics/ asymetric tops are always a good look for me and will take me through the festive season. So I will just content myself to losing weight sensibly, i.e. no crash diets and fit into that snug fitting dress in 2018.

    Warm regards.


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