50 Shades of Gray Over 40!

Gray is sometimes thought of as dull and conservative, but it’s actually a stunning neutral that can look fabulously rich and dignified. Here’s a look at how some 40+ Instagrammers wear this chic, modern color.

Fashion blogger Germany


Annette, 54, is a German fashion blogger whose glowing pink skin and dark brown hair are illuminated by this pretty pearl cape.

wide leg pants and chunky knit sweater


Patrizia is a Spanish Interior designer with a polished, elegant style. Her gray, wide-leg pants and chunky knit sweater are a modern update of menswear style.


Classic gray coat for women


Yvonne, who is in her 40s, is Kiwi living in Zurich. Her classic gray coat gets an edgy update with the addition of leather leggings.

Travel and fashion blogger


Gray never looked as gorgeous as on this 50+ North Carolina Instagrammer who documents her love of traveling, food, and fashion. Most people think of silver accessories pairing best with gray, but this chic belt with its gold Gucci buckle looks stunning.

Knitted gray jacket


Gray gets funky in this eclectic leopard meets plaid look from Cyndi, a 50+ blogger who reminds us that true beauty begins on the inside.


Hillary’s long silver locks came to life when this model turned Instagrammer slipped on a simple gray sweater.

Dutch Fashion blogger


I love this sporty gray look from Petra, 50+, and feeling fabulous. She’s a Dutch blogger and model. Did you ever think orange paired so well with silver tones?


Mixing interesting textures can further the gray palette to pure artistry, as shown by this trendy Instagrammer.

industrial gray parka


Miriam, 55, from the Netherlands, is a creative dresser always looking for inspiration. It looks like she has found it in this industrial gray parka with the playful fur hemline.

Half shoulder gray sweater


Keep it simple seems to be the style mantra of this pretty German lifestyle blogger who looks GREAT in gray.

shaggy gray faux fur vest


A shaggy gray faux fur vest looks hip and cool on this happy Instagrammer who refuses to let her age define her.


soft gray coat and oatmeal sweater dress


Two neutrals unite. A soft gray coat and oatmeal sweater dress worn by this chic Austrian Instagrammer are a classy combination.

Are you a fan of gray? Here are more ideas for how to wear gray now.

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12 thoughts on “50 Shades of Gray Over 40!

    1. Hi Marla, Try using a bronzer for a healthy glow (at temples, cheeks, tip of nose)…it enables a pale complexioned person to look great in grays and look vibrant at the same time.

  1. Thanks for this article. It gives me some courage to wear more gray and some ideas of how to use it in my wardrobe.

    I like the idea of the gray cashmere wrap. I think it could be just as versatile as black. I have a little pile of pashminas rolled up in my office so that I always coordinate; and, I always take one on an airplane with me. Much more comfortable if I can toss one around me when the air begins to feel too cool.

    I am a Deep Winter. There are several grays in my palette, but I am slow to adopt them. To me, gray seems to lack the drama that black does. Even gray with a contrast or pop of color does not satisfy me the same way that black with contrast does. That said, every time I wear the charcoal gray suit that I had made in China, I get lots of compliments.

    1. Hi Wanda,
      You will want to stick to deep charcoal grays and add a pop of dramatic color, since you are a winter! It’s great that you are aware of what colors look best on you and stick to them! Always love hearing from you!!!

    2. Good for you Wanda, for willing to be open and reassess. Gray is a “class act”. It may not be dramatic but the softness and pure chic it adds, is so lovely and refreshing. Combine it with browns and navy..and the compliments will continue.

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