6 Simple Ways To Color Block and Look Classy

Color Blocking is still strong, but many of you are shying away from it for fear you will do it wrong and look foolish. So here’s a simple way to get in on the color-blocking trend in a classy and elegant way:

helen mirren color block
Helen Mirren is bold and beautiful in her color-blocked outfit.

1.  Stick to Two Colors

Too many colors, and it’s true, you can look like you like a mixed-up mess. To keep things current but chic, stick to 2-3 bright hues and keep everything else, such as your shoes, jewelry, and bag, neutral.

dvf color block
Diane Von Furstenberg wears the perfect colors to suit her skin and hair ( photo: Shutterstock)

2.  Choose Colors That Blend with Your Skin, Hair, and Eyes

You will look stunning when you choose shades that naturally blend with your skin tone, hair, and eyes. Choose colors opposite to your natural coloring; everyone will see the colors walking in the door and never even notice you.

jennifer lopez color block
Jennifer Lopez wears a darker color on the bottom to balance out her heavier lower half.

3. Wear Color Strategically

Bright colors attract, and dark colors conceal. Wear a darker/ lighter shade over the part of your body you want to highlight and a darker color over the amount you want to camouflage. Also, the less contrast between the two colors, the more sophisticated you will look.
cameron diaz color block
Cameron Diaz wears a classic black and white color block dress, making her look elegant after 40.

4.  Black and White Never Fails

If you like the idea of color blocking, but it is the color that scares you, you can never go wrong in good old black and white. It’s classic and always extremely elegant.

jeri ryan color blocked outfit
A column of color thins Jeri Ryan.

5.  Vertical Color Blocking is Slimming

If you want to look taller and slimmer, try color-blocking lengthwise. Wear a dark color all over, and then add a long bright jacket or sweater to draw the eye up and down and make you look slim.
Tyra-Banks-color block
Tyra Banks has the Confidence to pull off this color-blocked jumpsuit

6.  Have Confidence

Don’t feel you must color-block your wardrobe to be in style. This look takes Confidence. So if it doesn’t feel right for you, pass graciously. It may not be a match for your STYLE personality.

If you want to try color blocking, check out my ebook: Color Me Fabulous, to learn more about how to do it and the colors that make you Look Age-Amazing. Also, please send me a photo, and I’ll post it. Just email myphoto@fabulousafter40.com
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