7 Summer Trends that Emerged from Lockdown

Fashion is a reaction to what’s happening globally, so it’s no surprise that quarantine has sparked some interesting new trends.   Here are the top 7 trends for Spring and Summer 2021, according to Amazon Fashion.

1.   Pastels that Pop

As we move forward out of the pandemic, a new kind of optimistic dressing arises, and a big part of that has to do with color.  Warm, pretty pastels are emerging, but they are anything but wimpy. These power pastels pop! They are saturated pastels. Think Lemon, Banana, Apricot, or Strawberry. They’re being worn head-toe monochromatically or mixed with other solids or bold prints. We’re also seeing a lot of pastel tie-dye. You can’t help but smile wearing these colors. They give you hope.

2.  Volume

You’d have to be blind not to notice the big full shapes we see in fashion for spring and summer. Everything is bigger and more generous. We’ve been living in loose clothes, and we will not go back to tailored anytime soon.  Skinny jeans are being replaced by straight-leg and wide jeans. Women are embracing a wider, pumped-up voluminous silhouette, be it a flowy, tiered house dress, or a pair of pants with soft tailoring, or a looser tailored jacket.


3.  Romance

Date nights, parties, and looking pretty fell by the wayside during the lockdown. Everything was strict and serious, so there a real craving to return to a feeling of romance in our lives and the way we dress. So in on top of the soft, flowy silhouettes I just spoke about, we also see a lot of texture like lace, floral prints, and sweet pops of detail like big sleeves, smocked tops, and ruffles galore. Lockdown has turned us into Frill Seekers!

4.  Zoom Life Tops

We’ve been living a lot of our life from the waist up and will continue to do so because Zoom is staying put. This means that tops, jackets, and blouses are more important than ever. We’re seeing many stripy knits, beautiful shirts, tops with decoration on the shoulder, great prints, etc.  Join a Zoom call with confidence.

5.  Transition Pieces

Comfort is still important, and we are seeing a lot of elevated loungewear. Women are also investing wisely in transition pieces. These are utilitarian classics that feel safe. They can be worn now and later,  mixed with more fun, creative and feminine things as we head out of quarantine—for example, a pair of leather pants, a sleeveless blouse, a shirtdress, a classic tee. You can wear all these things today and in a year from now with more artsy statement pieces.

6.  Outdoor Life

As we start to emerge from our homes, we are looking for places to meet friends outside. Hiking, camping life is picking up. So is general exercise outdoors. As a result, the cottage clothing trend is big for summer. This includes a lot of sports clothes, shorts, jumpsuits, denim, etc.

7.  Jewelry

Amazon called this trend Dazzle in daylight. It’s partly because we are mainly seen from the waist up on zoom and also because women feel they deserve a treat, but jewelry sales are up.  Bling is big, like necklaces, earrings, and rings. So are hairbands and hairpieces. Anything that makes your face sparkle helps keep us looking fab in lockdown and beyond.


These are just a few of the trends that have emerged since lockdown. What others are you seeing?

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13 thoughts on “7 Summer Trends that Emerged from Lockdown

  1. Love that pom pom detail shirt and I can’t believe it is from Walmart! Already ordered, along with a bunch of other cute shirts I found while on their site. Thanks for all your style tips!

    1. Hi Nikki,
      You are very welcome. Walmart has some really cute stuff this year. I’m glad they are making the latest trends so affordable for all! Enjoy your pom pom shirt!

  2. I LOVE the utility trend, but when I tried to click on the link to the maxi dress – it flipped me to WalMart Canada, which I don’t think carries the dress. Should I be able to find it on the US site? Itried, but nothing came up

    1. Hi Joanne,
      Unfortunately, if you live in Canada it will flip you to Canadian site and Walmart Canada does not carry the same stock. They also don’t deliver to Canada from the U.S. site so sadly Canadians are out of luck. I’m hoping they are testing these new lines and they will eventually come to Canada. Sorry about that!

  3. I have yet to purchase an off the shoulder shirt. I am pretty modest but want to give it a shot. However, when looking for a strapless bra I have yet to find a comfortable one. Do you have any thoughts or any particular brand you like?

    Thank you, I am new to your blog and I am loving it.

  4. I love love love pastels, florals, and also the art prints. I have been wearing some or most o these prior to them being a trend. I love a neutral look too with a pop/color.

  5. Lovin’ the Nautical look. I like the pop of yellow–less predictable than red,white,blue.

  6. Hi Lolly,
    Great to hear from you. I know it is frustrating to find clothes to fit your body type. However, at 60 you are still young!
    I want to inspire you to try some new things and new places to shop. Try http://www.womanwithin.com, for great finds, and let me know what you think.
    Happy Shopping!

  7. I am in my 60’s am overweight and short and would like to ask if there any styles made for women like me. Everything I see has a 20 something girl modeling them. I dont want to look that young, just my age, something comfortable. I like bright colors too, that’s no problem. Is there anyone out there who caters to the older woman who just wants to look nice. Thank you

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