5 Ways to Tastefully Wear Leggings Over 50 This Fall

With wide-leg pants everywhere this fall, is there still a place for body-hugging leggings in your wardrobe, especially after 50? The answer is yes, and the good news is it’s easier than ever with more types of leggings now to choose from. Here are 5 new styles and tasteful ways to wear leggings at any age.


Brown suede leggings and camel pom pom tunic sweater outfit for women

leggings | sweater | booties | bag | earrings

1. Wear Faux Suede Leggings

Basic black leggings will always be a wardrobe mainstay, but more exciting come fall are faux suede leggings. This classy brown pair has a velvet look and feel and a smooth, flat front that makes anything you wear over them look great.

You’ll often see faux suede leggings that hug at the ankles, but this pair is updated with the slim straight cut.

I love adding a textured bobble sweater for a modern, earthy look. Add fabulous booties (I own this gorgeous Chelsea pair) and a classy handbag, and you have an elegant leggings look.


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black faux leather leggings with black and white poncho

leggings | poncho | turtleneck | ballet flats | bag | earrings

2. Try Faux Leather Leggings with a Cape

Tight, black faux leather leggings are not new, but they can feel borderline too edgy on gals our age if worn with something too flimsy or skimpy. One way to wear this urban-inspired leggings and look chic is to pair them with a classy poncho. Wear solid black from head to toe and throw on a stunning cape or wide, flowy cloak. This is a dramatic look and super slimming, too.

If you didn’t already know, Mary Jane shoes are trending and convenient for gals our age since comfort is key. A structured leather bag and classic silver earrings polish off this cool leggings look.

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Flare houndstooth leggings and black tunic sweater

leggings | sweater | booties | bag | earrings

3. New! – Flare Leg Leggings

Who said leggings have to be tight at the ankles? These houndstooth leggings By Sanctuary have a modern twist. They flare out at the knee. These pants had the same body-hugging look and feel as traditional leggings but a new style with wider legs.

I love this look and think these leggings look fab with a simple black V-neck tunic, inky black booties, and a faux Croc bag.  Very chic.

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Soft brown denim jeggings with rust asymmetrical sweater and off white accesoried.

leggings | sweater | booties | bag | earrings

4. Go For Ultra-soft Denim Leggings

Denim leggings – sometimes called jeggings, are a great option if you want more of a jean look and feel but the relaxed comfort of leggings. These Hue leggings take things to a whole new level because of their Ultrasoft wash.  While they look like jeans, they pull on like leggings and feel luxurious and comfy.

Pair them with this stylish asymmetrical sweater that gently drapes off one shoulder to give an artsy, alluring look.

Cream booties are everywhere this fall, so pick yourself up a pair to look current. The matching Kate Spade bag is fabulous, and this outfit looks perfect with these iconic Kendra Scott earrings.


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black stretch corduroy leggings and blue print blouse outfit

leggings | blouse | flats | bag | earrings

5. Stretch Corduroy Jeggings

Corduroy pants are as popular this fall, so it’s no surprise we’re seeing corduroy jeggings, too. These high-waisted pants are true jeggings (jeans/leggings) since they are a little more structured and button-up like jeans, but they also hug the thighs and calves from top to bottom, just like leggings, and have plenty of built-in stretch.

Jeggings are sturdier, especially in corduroy, and easily hide lumps and bumps.


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3 thoughts on “5 Ways to Tastefully Wear Leggings Over 50 This Fall

  1. I would appreciate photos, not of skinny and surgically-enhanced movie stars, but genuine average everyday-built women wearing these same “fashion tips” above for skinny pants/leggings. I can see these in any magazine at the hairdresser’s; what I would expect more from your site are examples of how this works in real life with real-shaped women.

    1. Hi Holly,
      I feel your frustration. At Fabulous After 40, I invite readers to send in photos of themselves in various outfits so we can show some real-life examples. I post every one we receive, but we always need more. We’re working on it. If you or any other reader would like to submit a photo of yourself in leggings or a cute outfit, we’d love to post it. Please send it to

  2. Most of the leggings in the photos look more like skinny pants than the skin-tight leggings we are used to seeing. I prefer the thin pant look.
    I was just in Hong Kong, where I always watch the street fashions to see what will appear on our streets in a year or so. I saw nary a legging this time. So I guess that it is a trend on its last legs. Enjoy it while it lasts.
    The thing I saw everywhere I turned was navy blue – navy blue anything – suits, dresses, pants, printed tops and dresses, shoes, hose. All I can say is that I was one happy girl when I saw that on the streets. Navy is, hands down, my favorite ‘basic’ color.;

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