Adrian Allen Shoes – The Comfort Collection!

Is there such a thing as high heels without the hurt? Entrepreneur Gwen Allen wants to make that a reality.

Gwen launched Adrian Allen comfort shoes because she was frustrated with the marketplace’s lack of elegant, low-heeled dress shoes. After talking to women about shoes and their foot problems, she has come up with some fabulous designs that are comfy and stylish. Take a look.



Adrian Allen Sophie Shoe 8

… Meet The Sophie! This is one of their new shoe designs from their latest collection!

Adrian Allen Sophie Shoe 7


The Sophie

This pretty, tan nubuck shoe is sturdy, and here’s why. It has a wide 2.5 inch heel with a 0.5 inch platform making the heel differential only 2 inches. This creates stability and minimizes pressure on the front of the foot and ankles.

Do you know how, with most heels, your feet and toes hang on for dear life? I didn’t have that feeling at all in these shoes.  My feet were surprisingly relaxed, and the straps across the instep also helped keep my foot in place.

For those concerned about foot blemishes, the thick front straps take care of those, and there is lots of thick padding from foot to heel to reduce impact.


The Stella

This next pair (below) is called The Stella. They have a wide, 2.5-inch platform heel and have quickly become the most popular shoe. Low and easy to wear, these shoes have got me thinking that I may not have to give up heels after all.

drian Allen Shoes - Stella 3

Adrian Allen shoes are quality – all leather is manufactured in Brazil.


Adrian Allen Shoes - Stella 2They have good arch support and are very easy to walk in.


Adrian Allen Shoes - Stella 1

They’re classic and modern too. Step out in style this spring and support this upcoming brand created especially for women like us!




Thanks to Adrian Allen for sponsoring this post. To learn more, see my page: Blog Monetization and Disclosure.


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4 thoughts on “Adrian Allen Shoes – The Comfort Collection!

  1. Hi Deborah, I love the look of these shoes, and I need lower heels than are usually available. Did you find these ran true to size? I plan to pre-order a pair.

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