Dressing Chic After 70 – Meet Two Age-Amazing Women

I just chatted with a friend who is turning 49 about how great she feels and how her mom is still strong in her 70s. We are living longer and looking great longer…why not dress fun forever!

Here are two Age-Amazing™ gals from different coasts…both over 70 and looking fabulous!

fabulous after 70

This first age-amazing woman is JoBee from Los Angeles, California. She is getting ready to go out for dinner and is wearing a BCBG sweater dress with a pair of Vince classic straight-legged pants. She threw on a long, lightweight jacket over it all. Her short suede boots have a platform, so the heel is high but comfortable!

JoBee has found the secret to keeping her hair looking "golden"!

Here she is again looking glam in a pretty all-white outfit. Notice how well-groomed she is. That is part of the secret of looking Fabulous At Any Age.

fabulous after 70 JoBee

Cute! At the ski chalet in Aspen. JoBee sure has style, and look at that beautiful smile!

Fabulous After 70 Helene

Next, this 70-plus artist is one of my readers from NYC. Helene has a cool site about wonderful NYC art exhibits and gives tours!

She is sporting a gorgeous chunky necklace and great hoop earrings, looking happy and radiant. Both these gals have great hair. They’ve gone blonde instead of letting the gray creep in, and they look great! They just show you that “Life is too short to be frumpy!”

What about 80? How do you look Fabulous Over 80? Take a look at Dorrie from Senior Style Bible.

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8 thoughts on “Dressing Chic After 70 – Meet Two Age-Amazing Women

  1. Come on now. We’re over 70, maybe over 80. We are proud of our battle scars like wrinkles and white hair and prefer to spend our money on good causes or travel rather than plastic surgery and potions. Our bodies have become thick and lumpy and we don’t live in gyms. Some of us need some assistance to get around. But we still want to look great when we go out. Please give us some respect and advice.

  2. How about suggested clothing and hairstyles for those of us who are staying gray but want to dress appropriately??

    Suggestions on footwear with flat or 1 1/2″ heels for those of us who cannot tolerate higher heels.


  3. What or should I say where do women who are 6feet tall shop? Long tall Sally is not really an option everything looks the same. I’m. Looking for bright colors in a tunic length just to be the right length to cover the butt. It is so frustrating I am a medium or a size10 at 6 feet I am 145 lbs. And 60 hrs old.

    1. Hi Diane,
      Being tall is certainly a challenge! We know that Spiegel has some good tunics and Nordstroms does carry items for tall women on their website. Does anyone else with some good ideas?

  4. Hi Catie,
    Thanks for your comment. It is great to hear from you! Yes, some women just give up at different times in their lives, some younger some older. Here at F40, I want to inspire women to keep fit and chic.

  5. Great! They look great and woman of any age our beautiful. Sometimes they just need a little help.

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