How to Look Right In All White This Summer

Dressing in white from head to toe is a favorite with the rich and famous, for good reason. White reflects light and makes you look fresh, youthful, and glamorous. Here’s How to Wear White Right.

Susan Lucci wearing all white suit

1. Choose Your Best White – If you think you look horrible in white you have probably been wearing the wrong shade of white. Some whites are more icy and cool. They look best on women who have pink undertones and ashy hair. Other whites have a tinge of yellow that makes them slightly warmer. They suit women with peachy complexions who have golden tones in their hair. You need to find the one right for you.Demi Moore wearing all white dress

2. Don’t Try to Match Whites – If you purchased a matching suit in white, great, but don’t ever try to match up two different white pieces of clothing made from the same material, or you will always look mismatched.

Instead, try a deliberate tone-on-tone look. Select a few white pieces in varying white tones and textures and layer them together. The result will be a more subtle monochromatic look that is classy and understated.

Felicity Huffman wearing all white dress

3. Check Your Undergarments – You’d never see a celebrity wearing white pants with her underwear showing through (unless it was Madonna!)  Wear a skin tone bra, not white, which will show through.

angelic huston wearing all wihite

4. Go easy on Fit – Tight white pants show every lump and bump and then some. When in doubt, go up a size.

5. Stay Away from White Accessories – An all-white outfit paired with white shoes, a white handbag, or a white hose is far too sterile to be chic. White looks rich paired with shoes and accessories that are nude-colored, metallic, or made of cork or wood. A single brightly colored or print accessory can add a touch of fun to serious all-white.

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4 thoughts on “How to Look Right In All White This Summer

  1. Always store your whites in proper garment bags, and wash a white item you haven’t put on in some time; I have white blouses and pants that I have had for many years, and they are still white. One more thing, only wash your white with no other whites like towels, socks, etc…

  2. I don’t mean to sound like a commercial, but from personal experience, Oxyclean or Borax added to your regular laundry soap can save your whites. It brought back many of my slightly yellowed t-shirts, cotton blouses, and white towels. I think it keeps things whiter too.

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