Am I Too Old To Wear That?

how to dress after 40
how to dress after 40

How many times have you eyed something cute in the store, picked it up and wondered, “am I too old to wear that”?

It’s confusing knowing how to dress after 40 because our bodies have changed, our lifestyles have changed and there are no role models out there to help us determine what to wear, or what not to wear at this stage of life.

Is there such a thing as age-appropriate dressing, or is this an outdated notion? How do you determine what makes you look fab vs. what make you look desperate?


Recently I was a guest on a lively google hangout hosted by the WHOA network where top 40+ fashion bloggers discussed these interesting questions. The bloggers included: Sylvia van de Logt from 40+ Style,  Shelley Zurek from Still Blonde after All These Years, Oceana Loft from Oceana’s Canvas and myself, Deborah Boland.

Check out our conversation. It was a lot of fun!

If you haven’t heard of the WHOA Network it is dedicated to Women Honoring Their Age. Lynn Hunt and Darryle Pollack are the founders of the network that has this simple concept at its core: women should be seen and heard at every age and valued more as we get older, not less.

This is a great thing since in our youth-obsessed society women seem to disappear once they hit middle-age. WHOA is pioneering the next level of connection on the internet to rebrand how women in their 40’s 50’s and 60’s are perceived. They have all kinds of great Google chats going on a variety of topics so be sure to visit them and see what they are up to this week.


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  1. At the age of 45 and after winning a makeover, I now have a pastime of amateur photographic modeling – I love what I do and think we have every right, not more so, to show that we can still pull off some cracking outfits that more in tune with our age than those younger than us… I have great legs and would love to get into commercial modeling if anyone can help me.

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