Art Inspired Clothing – How to Look Like a Walking Masterpiece

You don’t need to visit an art gallery to see some of the most beautiful paintings around. Designers love to blur the lines between art and fashion, and the result is living, walking art-inspired clothing — the bolder and brighter the prints, the better.

Photo courtesy of fabsugar.com and harpersbazaar.com
Photo courtesy of fabsugar.com and harpersbazaar.com


As exciting as this trend is, it can seem not easy to translate into day-to-day life. But you don’t need to be wearing a Mona Lisa to make your fashion masterpiece! Just follow these simple guidelines:


artsy skirt and yellow blouse

1. Create a Focal Point

The easiest way to incorporate this trend into your day-to-day look? Choose an item of clothing in an artistic print as your focal point and build around it. From geometric styles to brushstroke ones, or even prints that echo great works of art, artsy prints make great wow pieces. Pair them with a solid-color piece in a bold hue from the print to create a balanced, futuristic, and oh-so-artistic look.

arsty style @robinlamonte

@robinlmonte -bold shape goes with the bold print


2. Make it Monochrome

If you like the idea of an artsy print, but all that color seems a bit overwhelming, why not start with black and white. This classic color combo is always chic and easier to wear since neutrals always look more sophisticated and mature than a Crayola box of color which can be trickier to pull off.


3. Get Artsy With Accessories

If a full-fledged, sculptural skirt or Matisse-print top seems too daunting for you, try a handbag in a bold, a scarf, or maybe even your shoes.  These allow your look to have an artistic element without being too bold. Pair them with anything and everything in your closet to give off a carefree vibe.


artsy style @curlybyrdie

@curlybirdye  casual wear in a painterly print

5. Keep it Casual

Art-inspired prints can look dramatic and intimidating or fun and playful. If you want to try the look but in a less serious way,  try a painted tee, or pair of jeans on the weekend, just for fun.

Now go on and create your wardrobe masterpiece!

*This post in collaboration with Morgan Mullin

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One thought on “Art Inspired Clothing – How to Look Like a Walking Masterpiece

  1. Great article, Deborah, I do love this art inspired trend but I’m not really one that embraces walking around looking like an art exhibit. These examples are the perfect fit, can’t wait to give some a try, especially with a fun printed tee or a wonderful skirt, now that’s right up my alley.

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