Beach Vacation Outfits That Make Holidays Way More Fun !

A beach vacation is always a thrill, but it’s much more fun when you bring along a suitcase full of cute summer clothes. If you need ideas for what to wear, here are 5 cute beach vacation outfits that will make your trip!

Beach Outfits - Striped Swim Suit


1. A Sexy Swimsuit -Ooh LaLa!

Finding the perfect swimsuit that doesn’t reveal everything but isn’t an old lady either can be a real challenge, but this swimsuit seems to have nailed that sweet spot.  This gorgeous striped tankini is certainly sexy but in a classic, modern, grown-up way. I love the bra cups that boost up the girls and give you fabulous cleavage. And, that tankini style with bottoms of your choice is so flattering at any age. Stripes are slimming, and this stunning blue color was made for the sand and sea.

Pair this swimsuit up with a cute white shirt coverup with the prettiest tonal print, a fabulous straw baggy, and some beautifully braided slides. Don’t forget a pair of oversize sunglasses for full-on Hollywood glam!





2. Wide-Leg Pants for Lounging

Now, these look comfy! Whether you are lounging by the pool, having a drink on your balcony, or going out for a walk and an ice cream cone, these billowy striped pants will keep you looking and feeling cool! I love the long, slit sides and the comfy flow of these big wide pants.

Wear them with something fitted up top, like a stretchy tee tucked in or a pretty camisole. A straw sun hat and tinted sunglasses go with the beachy vibe. And, take a look at those Mystic flop flops. I couldn’t resist putting those in! How sweet!


3. A Feminine, Flowy Maxi Dress For Sunset Dinners

Once the sun sets and it’s time to go to dinner, it’s nice to be able to slip into something pretty and feminine. A gorgeous, tropical maxi feels special when you are sitting outside under the moonlight, listening to the ocean waves roll in, and dining on island cuisine.

A dress like this needs accessories that fit the mood. Pair this dress with these chic cork slides, a wicker bag, and some exotic jewelry for a fabulous vacation look you’ll never forget.



Beach Outfits - White Jeans Green Top

4. White Jeans for Everything!

They are really a must for anyone planning a beach vacation. Don’t leave home without a pair of fabulous white pants. These cute white jeans are the perfect backdrop for this colorful green button tank that oozes personality. A matching bag straw bag and chunky sandals keep the look light and bright. Starfish earrings and big Tortoiseshell earrings are perfect for vacay.


Beach Outfits - Sleeveless dress

5. A Perky Sundress for Daytime Shopping and Site-seeing

One of my favorite things to take on a beach vacation is a light, sleeveless sundress. I’m not much for shorts, and pants can be hot during the day, so a fun little sundress is the perfect go-to. I love this one with the coral reef print in subtle sand shades. Team it up with this natural rattan bag in this stunning mauve shade, fun wicker earrings, and some sleek designer sandals. Play up the subtle lavender theme with a pair of lavender shaded glasses.


You thought you were excited about your beach vacation before. Now, what do you think? Treat yourself to something cute. Take lots of photos and enjoy your new beachwear outfits!

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3 thoughts on “Beach Vacation Outfits That Make Holidays Way More Fun !

  1. Yes,I go through my wardrobe also,but now I dress to shop,zoom sundayschool and noon bible study 📚,I’ve even rediscovered clothes I’d forgotten.You’ve got to take every opportunity you can to “ dress” even if only the grocery store.I can remember growing up people dressed for everything, I say stay tuned, we may start doing that again. What’s old may be new again!!😀😀

    1. Bettye, It’s rather boring not to have an occasion to dress for. I miss having clothes for this and clothes for that. Now anything goes, anytime. I’m looking forward to a comeback too!

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