Best Colored Jeans to Wear This Spring

Trying to find a way to transition into warmer weather is always a little tricky, but this year’s crop of colored jeans makes it easy. Here are some of the best-colored jeans for spring and some cute ideas for what to wear them with.

Colored Jeans - Lavendar

1. Lilac Cropped Jeans

Just the other day, I mentioned all the lilac and light purple colors I was seeing in tops, and now I’ve run across these sweet, lilac cropped jeans. They’re a gorgeous color to start wearing right now mixed with neutral shades like black, taupe, and navy.

This feminine wrap sweater is thin, light, and works perfectly with the springy light purple shade, while the floral purse ties the whole look together. Wear booties if you must now, but once it warms up, these gold woven mules will look fab!

Colored Jeans - Green

2. Green Colored Jeans

Green jeans in shades from mint to olive will be popular this spring. A crop style of jeans lets you show off a great pair of shoes. These spunky jeans will look terrific come spring, or take them away with you on March break vacation. A pretty floral blouse looks ladylike with these jeans, and the tan accessories give the outfit an elegant finishing touch.

Colored Jeans - RED

3. Cropped Red Jeans

Here’s the latest version of hot pants- hot because they happen to be this bright, beautiful shade of red! These sporty cropped jeans with flap pockets and chic white stitching down the front look fabulous paired with this tone-on-tone leopard blouse and lucite sandals. Get your white bag ready. Spring will be here in no time!

Colored Jeans

4. Camel Joggers

If you are looking for something new in colored jeans, these camel-colored joggers are for you. I love this chic utilitarian style with cropped elastic cuffs and oversized patch pockets. Instead of combing camel with olive, black or brown, try white and peachy blush touches. It’s a fresh and feminine way to reinvent a classic spring look.

There’s a rainbow of colored jeans out there this spring. Pick your favorite shade and make a statement.


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4 thoughts on “Best Colored Jeans to Wear This Spring

  1. Good Morning!
    I love your blog, first off!
    I noticed you pair a different purse with every outfit. How do you do the change out quickly and easily? I have so much stuff in my bag just in case that changing it out more than once a season is time-consuming. Do you do it every day? Besides, my closet is not that big, and how do you handle storage for all those purses? Any advice would be appreciated!

    1. Hi Terri,
      I don’t change my purse out a lot. I have one central purse for fall/winter and one main bag for spring/summer, and at the odd time, I change it out for a tote or a crossbody, depending on where I am going. I would change more, but like you, it is a hassle, so I try to buy my main bag in a neutral shade since I wear so much color. We put different purses with different outfits in the collages to show variety.

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