The Best Statement Sleeve Tops

Sometimes they whisper, sometimes they shout, but either way, Statement Sleeves are the fastest way to show you know a thing or two about what’s happening in fashion this fall.

From volume to ruffles, to frills to bells, there’s a statement sleeve top for everyone. Here are some of my favorite picks and what they have to say.

1. Sexy Off the Shoulder Sleeves

This gorgeous cold shoulder ruffle sleeve top  says date night to me! It’s classy; it’s sexy and super easy to wear. Pair it up with something as simple as your favorite dark skinny jeans and booties, and you’ll look instantly chic.

With a high neckline and with flashes of skin at the shoulders, this top is a tease! You’re all covered up, but you’re also coming a little undone! I love the mystery and sophistication. That’s hard to find.

And of course, let’s not forget the color!! That rich burgundy is as mouth-watering as a big glass of your favorite California Cabernet!



ruffle cold shoulder top 

2. Beautiful Balloon Sleeves

This billowy ivory balloon sleeve blouse seems to be calling out; come fly away with me!  It’s the epitome of this season’s statement-sleeve trend. See how stylish it makes a simple pair of jeans look?

I love the drama of the pleated peasant sleeves and the flirty wrist ties. There’s something that’s a little Pirates of the Caribbean about this swashbuckling look that oozes romance and a carefree spirit. This top has personality plus!



3. Flowy, Feminine Sleeves

If you prefer a more subtle approach to the statement sleeve trend, then take a look at this ultra-feminine Lurex dash tiered top. It may be a whisper rather than a shout, but it still has plenty to say. Doesn’t it look great with simple black pants?

The soft blush pink shade is very popular right now and sends out a graceful, calm vibe. I love the interesting shape of those pretty tiered sleeves that remind me of a beautiful waterfall flowing down your arms.



4. Alluring Lace Sleeves

Here’s a fashion-forward take on the new sleeve trend. Look closely, and you’ll see what I mean.

Trusty basic meets modern edge in this alluring black sweater by Vince Camuto. This top combines a cool mock turtleneck with see-through,  lacy sleeves!

If you’re one of those gals who likes her classics with a twist, this is a good piece to consider.




5. Flattering Flared Sleeves 

I love a paisley print, but in some seasons, it can be hard to find. More abstract than a floral but less defined than a geometric print, paisley sits in a sweet spot between the two.

The bold splash of color in this paisley flare-sleeve top is truly fantastic, but it’s those draped 3/4 length sleeves that make this top.

This top seems to be saying, Go with Flow. I’m in, are you?




6. Dramatic Tiered Sleeves

Statement sleeves give a basic knit tee a cool makeover in this tiered ruffle-sleeve top. This is one of those pieces that can be dressed up as easily as it dresses down.

Just add a pencil skirt and pumps, and you’re ready for work. Swap out the pumps for classy booties, and you’ve got an edgier vibe great for going out for dinner with girlfriends.

This top sends an I’m an angel message. Can’t you imagine this around Christmastime mixed with a touch of red or green?


7. Romantic Bell Sleeves

Romance is alive and well in this pretty Shiraz-colored blouse. Lace and belle statement sleeves combine with a unique not-quite red/not-quite-pink color that takes the romance-quotient of this top off the charts.

I love the Spanish vibe, which has been going on for a while. This top shouts, Ole!!

8. Sheer Statement Sleeves

You’ll ruffle some feathers in a good way in this pretty menswear-inspired statement sleeve top.

The top has opposites attract pull going on.  The plaid print is distinctly menswear, but the sheer fabric and pretty ruffles say feminine all the way.

Those gorgeous sheer bell sleeves are dreamy and fun. This is a top that says Let’s be professional, but not too stuffy and serious either.

What do you think about statement sleeves? Are they cool and chic or just a nuisance? Let me know! 


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8 thoughts on “The Best Statement Sleeve Tops

  1. I’ve already got me some statement sleeve tops, and I didn’t realize how beautiful they were until my kids stared complimenting. Yeah…way to go! Thanks Deborah for this.

  2. I ordered a blue satin blouse with bell sleeves. It looked so beautiful on the picture of the model but when I tried it on it looked like a Halloween costume on me, felt like the Witch of the West. So I guess this trend is not for me.

    1. Hi Claire, I know what you mean. That has happened to me with other styles, but it is good to try thing on because sometimes you are plesantly suprised. Good for you for testing the waters with this one!

  3. In real life, I find these sleeves annoying. They get in my way. They make it hard to put on a winter coat or cardigan. They drag in my food while I’m eating dinner. I don’t like things that get in my way, like bracelets. So, I’m not going along with this trend. Good thing I bought a very inexpensive ell sleeve top over the summer to give it a test drive.

  4. I have always loved the look 0f a sweater, Bermuda Shorts with knee socks and penny loafers for a Fall look. Would this look for Fall be appropriate and fun?