10 Best Tops For Stay At Home Style

If your new stay at home uniform during this time of self-isolation seems to be jeans, jeans and more jeans, then do yourself a favor. A cute top will go a long way in keeping your spirits up and preventing you from falling into a frumpy rut.

Nothing fancy is required when you are doing everything you usually do at home and a whole lot more (including, now working from home for some!). Here’s a round-up of 10 of the best tops I have found with  great stay-at-home style.


Striped Roll-Tab Shirt


If you have always loved classic stripes but find yourself craving something a little more creative looking these days, take a closer look at this perky striped roll tab sleeve top. It has stripes that run vertically and lines that run horizontally, putting a modern spin on this traditional favorite.

This is a great shirt when you want to roll up your sleeves ( literally) and get to it! It’s a perfect length to go with jeans, not too short and not too long and sloppy, and it’s got a great, unfussy collar neckline that frames your face. Plus, isn’t that mint color gorgeous? Wear it with white jeans if you really want it to pop!


Side Tie Tee

Tops with ties that knot at the front or side have taken the fashion world by storm in the last couple of seasons. I think it’s because they look so casually chic and flatter your figure in the same way wrap style tops and do. This refined side tie tee in this beautiful sage color is light and comfy. It’s feminine and sporty at the same time, and I think it would be a perfect top for travel.


Linen Tunic

Summer is coming, and that means that everything’s coming up linen! This pretty sky blue linen pintuck popover is perfect for wearing around the house. It’s light and relaxed, and there’s no need to worry about ironing when you are moving about because wrinkles are a part of its stylish charm.


Cheery Sleeveless Shirt

Do you like playful prints? Then, this darling, sleeveless tulip print blouse is for you. Throw it on with your jeans, and that’s all you need because this cute top has a life all of its own.


Rainbow Stripes

Here’s another sporty front tie top, but this multi-stripe side tie top ties at the hip. I love the mix of colors and the rainbow theme that reminds me of Easter and spring.


Tunic Tee

A casual top for around the house doesn’t have to be fancy to be cute. This long tunic tee has a beautiful shape, and it’s the prettiest color…. and doesn’t it look comfy too!


Pink V-Neck

On those days when I’m working at home, and I just don’t feel like wearing make-up, I pull on something pink. Pink always brightens up the complexion and gives you a glow, especially when it’s as lovely as the pink in this polished ribbed v-neck sweater.


Trendy Snake Print Blouse

If you are finding it warm due to weather ( or hot flashes), this snake print wrap front sleeveless top is very cool in more ways that one. Not only is it a trendy print, but the wrap style makes it elegant too.


Pleat Back Blouse

This Not Your Daughter’s Jeans blouse is one of my favorite new styles to wear when I’m hanging around the house. I have snake print one, and I just bought another that’s pink with colored dots.  What I like most is that it’s a pleat back blouse, so it’s loose and a bit flowy- the ultimate in comfort.

The three-quarter length sleeves are super flattering, and the top end at just the right point, just below my hips. On the days when you are at home, and a tee just won’t do, this is an excellent choice.

Floral Sweater

This floral paisley sweater is for those days at home when you want to feel sweet and feminine. It’s light and thin and looks great with white or blue jeans. You might even think about this for Easter or Mother’s Day too!

What kind of tops are you wearing these days during the Coronavirus quarantine? Join my private Facebook group and post a photo. I’d love to see.

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6 thoughts on “10 Best Tops For Stay At Home Style

  1. I love the NYDJ pleat back tops!.and I agree that they are a nice tshirt alternative. I have the top in both white and black but would love to try a print. Can you share the snake and pink dot prints you mentioned in the post? Thank you!

  2. You asked a question about what you should post. I really look forward to your fashion posts. I would like to see more for people who have more of an hour glass shape – but aren’t skinnny, just bigger on top and bottom. And I also like feminine styles.

  3. Hi I’m quite new to your blog and I think you’re doing a fabulous job with it, in these very challenging difficult times! I love to hear about the things that you and your family are doing to spice things up break, up the boredom and make the best of the situation. On the other hand it’s great to see all your fashion posts!
    Makes me have something to look forward to, and to remind myself that this to , will eventually pass.!
    Keep doing what your doing, the balance is just right !,
    Thank you
    Sharon G