Best Workout Clothes for Every Kind of Fitness

If you’ve recently committed to getting into better shape, way to go! Now, the question is, what should you wear to your workout? You may be tempted to grab an old t-shirt (or, gasp! maybe even one of your husband’s). But that is a guaranteed way to feel frumpy, and if you feel frumpy, it’s easy to want to quit. It’s a proven fact that when you look good, you feel good, and exercise is much more enjoyable, so get ready to style up for the gym! Here are some of the best workout clothes for every kind of fitness.    

Yoga Workout Wear

Yoga Lady- Downward Dog in Style

Yoga has so many things going for it when it comes to over 40 gals. It’s a low-impact way to tone, improve flexibility, and find a little inner serenity. Match the way it makes you feel on the inside with what you wear on the outside.

Calming colors like tranquil blues and greens and peach are perfect. You’ll also perform better watching yourself bend and stretching in the mirror if you are wearing leggings and a top that holds in the wobbly bits. And don’t forget the pedicure. Trust me; when you’re doing the Waterfall Pose, you’ll be glad you did!    

Barre Babe- Dance Your Way to a Slim, Trim Figure

Barre is perfect for anyone who wants a great workout and who always dreamed of being a ballerina. It is a dynamic, energizing type of exercise that uses the ballet barre, weighted balls, resistance bands, and other equipment to provide a full-body stretch and strength workout – with a dance-like approach.

These cute outfits will look great in Barre’s class. Pair your favorite black leggings with a soft top and a pair of foot socks for extra gripping. Twisty front tops are trendy at the moment and offer great style as well as being super soft and comfy. Whatever kind of workout appeals to you, it really doesn’t matter. Just get moving and do it in style!  


 Running Mama – Hit the Road in Style

Running or speed walking is a great way to boost your cardio. If you’re a runner, a good pair of shoes, a pair of shorts and a wicking t-shirt are your friend. Running may always feel great after a run when the endorphins are running high, but getting yourself motivated to go in the first place, especially on a cold, drab day, can take a little doing.

It helps to wear a workout top in an energetic color to get you going. In colder weather layers is essential and a high neck with keep you warm. Don’t forget a water bottle – staying hydrated will keep your energy up, and a pair of earphones to listen to music will get into the zone!  


Stylish Women's Gym Wear For Fall - peach criss cross top and black leggings for Pilates styled by Fabulous After 40

Pilates Gal – Criss Cross Top and Leggings

I do Pilates 5 days a week I love it! When I exercise, it’s in the mornings with no make-up and I always like to wear a colorful top so I’m not looking in the mirror at a pale face. This peachy color is warm and soft and gives me a pretty glow. I think that is important because if you look good, you feel good and exercise is much more enjoyable.

A lot of my readers tell me they like a long top to cover their jelly bellies when they exercise but they don’t want it to make them look old and frumpy. This crisscross t-shirt is a good example of what you might wear for pilates or anything else. It’s long and loose so it flows over your tummy, but it’s in no way baggy. The gorgeous back gives you a sexy peek-a-boo effect with the sports bra showing through.  It keeps it youthful, sporty, and modern instead of being a run-of-the-mill top.

Want to see more ways to look stylish when you work out? Here are some of the latest trends in workout wear that you can wear no matter how you exercise!

Cute Workout Clothes - Lavender hoodie, black floral print leggings outfit | styled by Fabulous After 40

1. Reversible Leggings are In!

A great way to keep you looking stylish and feeling motivated at the gym is with a pair of reversible leggings. Wear these pretty floral leggings Monday to work out, and then turn them inside out and wear the all-black version later in the week.

A bright and cheery blue hoodie keeps you feeling light and positive as you strive to reach your fitness goals. Knit sneakers are a comfy and cute way to look modern.

Cute Workout Outfits| pink off the shoulder sweatshirt, tie dye leggings for Pilates

2. Asymmetrical Styles are Cool

This cozy fleece sweatshirt with the sexy one-shoulder neckline is a great thing to throw on when you want to get comfy but not look frumpy! Underneath, a classy canyon-colored sports bra doubles as a top.

Team these pieces up with these artsy leggings with the brushstroke finish and a trendy quilted bag, and you have a super cool look for pilates or anything else that gets your heart pumping.

cute workout clothes | yoga outfit with twisty sleevless tee, scallopd fitness bra and balck capris leggings

Cute workout clothes are shirts that you can twist, tie, and even knot in the front giving a soft, casual look to your workout uniform and can hide trouble spots.

This pretty blue tied-up tank top is perfect to layer over this darling, scalloped workout sports bra. There’s even a pair of matching scalloped yoga pants – both from Kate Spade.

When you want to stop for a green tea or power shake after the gym, toss on this cozy yoga cardigan. It has no closure and long side slits, so you can let it drape loosely or wrap it up tightly.

Cute workout clothes for women over 40 | pilates outfit consisting of white twisty tee, pink leggings white tee

4. Ribbed Leggings are Unique

Another workout legging that is finding fans in the fitness world is ribbed legging.

These dusty pink leggings are smooth on top and ribbed from a few inches above the knee down, adding some sporty texture and a cool kind of look. They can be styled long or scrunched for sessions in the pilates studio.

Cute workout outfit -Rufled weatshirt, side tie tee grey capri leggings | styled by Fabulous After 40

5. Feminine Details Deliver

Feminine touches like scalloped edges (like we saw in the last collage) and ruffles, as seen above, are on the rise.

This flirty workout hoodie with the tiered ruffles is so beautiful and buttery soft that you’ll want to wear it to more places than just the gym.

The soft, stretchy workout tee is also pretty, sporting fluttery ties that cinch at the sides to adjust the fit. This is a piece that goes from studio to street very easily. It looks great with these seamless capris with body-mapped texture to flatter your form.

Cute Workout Outfits | blush top, palm Print Jacket, white leggings

6. Mesh Tanks Top is Sporty

Holey Moley! Tiny holes or perforations are trending and give this gorgeous desert rose racerback top a fresh, sporty look. White capris legging with edgy slats add texture and style. Throw on a tropical print windbreaker in bright island colors, and you have a great outfit for walking, biking, or working out.

These cute North Face sneakers in “pink salt” have an ultra-light knit mesh upper and look super-cool with a neoprene peach backpack that makes a welcome replacement for that tired, old, black gym bag.

Cute workout clothes | greeen, black colorblock leggings, tulip tee and puffer jacket| styled by Fabulous After 40

7. Tone on Tone Looks are Chic

Black is always a favorite color to exercise in because, let’s face it, it’s slimming. But that doesn’t mean you have to look boring in black. There are lots of interesting ways to create a chic, monochromatic look.

For example, mix these two-tone color-blocked leggings with a cute tulip tee and a chic, fitted-down sports jacket.  The combination of these interesting silhouettes and textures, all in slightly different shades of black, creates a sporty but sophisticated workout ensemble.

Cute Workout clothes - blue sweathshist and leggings with fitbit

8.  High Tech Fitness is the Future

Cute workout clothes are one way to get you feeling inspired to workout, but there are some cool gadgets that can motivate you too.

If you don’t have a Fitbit,  you may want to check one out to help you monitor your heart rate, your sleep patterns, and how many steps you take a day.

Wireless headphones are also ideal for when you love to listen to music while you run or work out but don’t want the hassle of accidentally becoming unplugged.

Sunset pinks, canyon-colored corals, and the most beautiful blush shades are this summer’s most popular colors for exercise clothes. Check out these cute workout outfits in shades of Desert Pink.

Cute Workout Outfits - Pink ballet warp top, pink leggings for yoga

If you feel pretty in pink, then imagine doing the lotus pose in this soft and feminine 2-piece yoga outfit. This ballet-inspired wrap top is popular at the moment because it hugs you in all the right places and plays up your waist.

I love it worn with matching leggings because it looks fashion-forward- almost like a jumpsuit, plus it gives you a nice, long, lean look.

Little details like the asymmetrical fabric blocking on the leggings ( mesh bottom half) make these leggings look light, sexy, and modern. Finish it off with a pink tote and accessories, and you have an elegant exercise outfit.

Cute Workout Outfits | Coral Top, Black and Coral Leggings for Running

10. Racing Stripe Leggings Slim

On your mark, get set… go. Your basic black leggings get a sporty summer upgrade with chic color blocking, in the way of a racy coral stripe.

Add to that, a coral-pink V-neck tee and some lace-up sneakers with a pull-on sock fit, and you have a cute workout outfit for walking, jogging, or spinning class.

11.  Layered Tops are Workout Chic

A great workout look is all about layering. You can peel one layer off at a time, depending on how hard you are exercising.

This long-sleeved split-back top may be just what you need to get you warmed-ups, but once you break a sweat, just peel it off to reveal a workout tank. See how cute the back of this top looks and how well it shows off those cute floral leggings?

Casual Dinner - Yoga Red Top copy

12.  Melange Clothing Looks Relaxed

One of the most popular styles of workout clothing is based on Melange or space-dyed prints that look like the blurry lines of TV white noise. Melange creates the illusion of movement, which makes you look trim.

This Yoga outfit is an excellent example of how athletic wear has become multifunctional. It works as well for exercise as it does for a coffee date at Starbucks.

Casual Dinner Yoga - Gray Pants copy

13.  Sleek Jackets Flatter Your Abs

Sleek, fitted jackets that hug your curves, but are stretchy enough to move with you are a lot hipper than a big old oversized track jacket! Upscale your look when you run a couple of errands on the way home with a fab bag, sporty earrings, and a touch of jewelry.

14.  Bold Colors Motivate

If you want hip workout clothes, bold color like this bright purple is the way to go. A pop of color will make you feel more energetic too.

15. Look Pretty in Pink

Not a big fan of bright colors? How do you wear them without looking too loud? Try just a touch of color against all black or gray. Colorful shoes and accessories will liven up your look.

Workout outfit

16. Bottoms for Your Booty!

Shake your booty in some attractive leggings. Colorful print leggings are popular now or choose leggings with cutouts or peek-a-boo mesh in subtle spots.

17.  Tropical Chic in Modern Colors

18.  Extra Long Sleeves are Edgy

Another popular trend is tropical prints in toned-down urban shades of gray and purple. Tropical prints inspire relaxation, and wellness, and make you feel that you are taking care of yourself by exercising.

They may look kind of funny to you at first, but they do serve a useful purpose. Tops with extra long sleeves and keyhole openings for your thumbs are trending because they keep hands warm when you’re exercising outside. This cute blue top with the soft drape turtleneck is ideal for chilly days when you are determined to get out jogging.

When was the last time you updated your workout wardrobe?

Stylish Women's Gym Wear For Fall - White rolled hem top and colorblocked gray leggings styled by Fabulous After 40

19. Twisty Tees Hide a Tummy

If you are like me then you probably have more than enough black workout leggings. So why not try something new and get yourself a snazzy pair of leggings like this to work out in? These are fun and energetic looking without being rainbow wild.

I love them with this twisty long-sleeved tee that is on the elegant side of fitness wear. Long-sleeved workout tees with personality can be hard to find. Pair this look with some cute wrap-style sandals and a pretty floral workout bag, and you’ll look cool and classy at the gym.

Stylish Women's Gym Wear For Fall- Black Peplum Pullover with balck colorblocked leggings and turquoise sneakers styled by Fabulous After 40

20. Colorblock Leggings Highlight Best Bits

I’m always on the lookout for a new spin on women’s gym wear, and this cute peplum pullover is something I haven’t seen before. Not only is it a little bit different, but it is practical too because it is made of quick-dry fabric.  Paired with these sporty color-blocked leggings and colorful sneakers, this is a fashion-forward look that will take you from the gym out to coffee this fall.



21. Keyhole Back Shows Off Your Hard Work

See the results you have worked so hard to achieve with this sexy keyhole back shirt that looks fabulous with floral print leggings.


22. Purple will Put You in the Zone

Purple is a powerful color in more ways than one. It’s known as a spiritually elevating color, perfect to get you into a higher mental zone to tackle any fitness challenge that comes your way.

I hope you have enjoyed this round-up of the latest looks. You’re sure to stay motivated while you’re pumping iron or doing the downward dog if you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror looking fab in a new, in one of these fresh workout outfits!

Good Luck with your new workout plan. I know you can do it!


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