Best Workout Clothes for Every Kind of Fitness

If you’ve recently committed to getting into better shape, way to go! Now, the question is, what should you wear to your workout? You may be tempted to grab an old t-shirt (or, gasp! maybe even one of your husband’s). But that is a guaranteed way to feel frumpy, and if you feel frumpy, it’s easy to want to quit. It’s a proven fact that when you look good, you feel good, and exercise is much more enjoyable, so get ready to style up for the gym! Here are some of the best workout clothes for every kind of fitness.    

Yoga Workout Wear

Yoga Lady- Downward Dog in Style

Yoga has so many things going for it when it comes to over 40 gals. It’s a low-impact way to tone, improve flexibility, and find a little inner serenity. Match the way it makes you feel on the inside with what you wear on the outside.

Calming colors like tranquil blues and greens and peach are perfect. You’ll also perform better watching yourself bend and stretching in the mirror if you are wearing leggings and a top that holds in the wobbly bits. And don’t forget the pedicure. Trust me; when you’re doing the Waterfall Pose, you’ll be glad you did!    

Barre Babe- Dance Your Way to a Slim, Trim Figure

Barre is perfect for anyone who wants a great workout and who always dreamed of being a ballerina. It is a dynamic, energizing type of exercise that uses the ballet barre, weighted balls, resistance bands, and other equipment to provide a full-body stretch and strength workout – with a dance-like approach.

These cute outfits will look great in Barre’s class. Pair your favorite black leggings with a soft top and a pair of foot socks for extra gripping. Twisty front tops are trendy at the moment and offer great style as well as being super soft and comfy. Whatever kind of workout appeals to you, it really doesn’t matter. Just get moving and do it in style!  


Running Mama – Hit the Road in Style

Running or speed walking is a great way to boost your cardio. If you’re a runner, a good pair of shoes, a pair of shorts and a wicking t-shirt are your friend. Running may always feel great after a run when the endorphins are running high, but getting yourself motivated to go in the first place, especially on a cold, drab day, can take a little doing.

It helps to wear a workout top in an energetic color to get you going. In colder weather layers is essential and a high neck with keep you warm. Don’t forget a water bottle – staying hydrated will keep your energy up, and a pair of earphones to listen to music will get into the zone!  


Stylish Women's Gym Wear For Fall - peach criss cross top and black leggings for Pilates styled by Fabulous After 40

Pilates Gal – Criss Cross Top and Leggings

I do Pilates 5 days a week I love it! When I exercise, it’s in the mornings with no make-up and I always like to wear a colorful top so I’m not looking in the mirror at a pale face. This peachy color is warm and soft and gives me a pretty glow. I think that is important because if you look good, you feel good and exercise is much more enjoyable.

A lot of my readers tell me they like a long top to cover their jelly bellies when they exercise but they don’t want it to make them look old and frumpy. This crisscross t-shirt is a good example of what you might wear for pilates or anything else. It’s long and loose so it flows over your tummy, but it’s in no way baggy. The gorgeous back gives you a sexy peek-a-boo effect with the sports bra showing through.  It keeps it youthful, sporty, and modern instead of being a run-of-the-mill top.


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