7 Bold Ways to Wear Black and White Striped Dresses, Tops and More

Black and white striped dresses and tops are summer classics that never go out of style. Instead, they keep getting reinvented. There are endless ways to combine simple, straight, high contrast lines into new and exciting designs.

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Here are 7 bold ways to wear black and white striped dresses, tops, and more this summer.

Want to see stylish black and white stripes on women over 40? Here are some Check out these bloggers in their bold and beautiful striped outfits.

Love black and white in summer, period? Have a look at these fab black and white summer outfits.


Try Stripe Blocking

Two sizes of black and white stripes come together in chunky pattern blocks to create a sporty, modern look. This handy summer t-shirt dress is classic with a twist. It's meant to be a little on the short side, so the most flattering way to wear it to look light and casual is with a pair of cute flat sandals.

Wear a Side-Tie Striped Top

Tops that twist and tie at the side are trendy right now. This bold black and white striped top with the side knot commands attention. It's crisp and fresh with a fun nautical feel. Wear it with white jeans for an eye-catching summer look.

Be Bold in 2-Way Stripes

Add some drama to your wardrobe with this 2 -way mixed black and white striped shirt. This edgy shirt works well to show off your artsy/fashion-forward side. Wear it with white or black jeans summer jeans to bring them to life.

Relax in Lace-Up Stripes

This cute black and white striped knit dress is a slip-on-and-go style for those lazy summer afternoons when you want to look cute and feel comfy. A lace-up neckline is always flattering.

Make the Most of Maxi Stripes

Black on white, white on black. It doesn't really matter which way you wear your stripes. This chic, sleeveless maxi dress is perfect for entertaining on the patio or by the pool.

Add a Striped Sweater

Here's a beautiful black and white striped sweater that is light and pretty for summer. I love the feminine ruffle and the breezy Pointelle knit that keeps you cool and adds some nice texture.

Throw On a Striped Cover-Up

Keep cool and feel confident at the beach in this cute black and white striped swimsuit coverup with the sporty hood. The nice thing about black and white is that it works with any color swimsuit.
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13 thoughts on “7 Bold Ways to Wear Black and White Striped Dresses, Tops and More

  1. I’ve been a stripe lover since way back when and love the casual or dressy way they lend themselves to outfits.

  2. Diagonal stripes, in the right scale, are universally flattering, IMO. Other patterns come and go, but stripes stand the test of time at any age.

  3. I love the off the shoulder top but $298.00. I can afford the money but cannot get my head around paying that much for the top. I love nice quality clothing but is it really necessary to pay so much for some pieces. I need help with how to let go and not worry about prices so much. Can’t seem to help myself just over practical I guess. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Sarah,
      I don’t blame you for not being able to get your head around $298 and you don’t need to. There are lots of these types of tops at various pricepoints. My best suggestion for good quality at great prices is to shop on sale only. It takes a little bit to start following who is putting what on sales but these days everything goes on sale so sign up for as many email alerts you can for the stores that carry great quality and keep your eyes peeled. I try to show a range of stuff but I will be more conscious to highlight more sales things too.

  4. So, I find the advice that horizontal stripes make you look wider a bit out of date. I am wide on the top and torso and I always wear stripes and feel it’s the cut of the item , or the fabric or what you wear with it that is most important. Stripes are classic and are everywhere so I’d recommend trying something on with stripes, especially if you like the fabric and cut of the piece, and decide for yourself.


    1. Hi Julia,
      I agree that cut and fabric plays a role. It’s hard to generalize and say horizontal stripes make everyone look wide because there are so many types and sizes of stripes, and so different shapes of bodies. I would say if a woman wants to wear horizontal stripes and wants to minimize looking wide she might try multiple narrow horizontal stripes in a piece of clothing that is longer than it is wide. That many stripes causes the eye to climb the body up and down like a ladder instead of following the stripes side to side. Cheers, Deborah

  5. I have always loved stripes. It’s one pattern that will never go out of style. Used vertically, stripes can add height. Used horizontally and it would help narrow shoulders come into balance with wide hips. Used correctly, they can help improve your look.

  6. If you’re small in height, or perhaps pear shaped then you should go for vertical stripes as these are quite slimming, whereas horizontal stripes gives you the illusion of being bigger.

  7. I don’t much care for black ‘n’ white. I worked in a casino for a few years, and that combo always reminds me of work! Also, I find that black, white, or the combo washes me out and ages me. However, some people look great in this look. I save black for shoes, pants, and skirts, and always wear color up top.