Black Floral Dresses – Styling Tips To Stand Out!

Floral dresses are an obvious choice for spring,  with black floral dresses leading the pack.  For women our age, they’re sophisticated and slimming, which makes wearing dark floral dresses any time of the year definitely worth it. Here are some tips on how to style a black floral dress.


dark florals

1. Let Dark Florals Stand Alone

Dramatic botanicals command attention, so let them lead by wearing them with solid colored neutrals. For Example, if you pair these Spanish-inspired black floral cropped pants with a silky, cream-colored blouse, you get a feminine and classic look but still, make a bold statement.

2. Mix Up the Florals

If you’re more of a creative dresser, then you might be more attracted to the idea of mixing two inky florals. This is also a popular way to style the trend. Wear one floral up and another on the bottom, or find a black floral dress that combines two different florals for a more fashion-forward look.

3. Accent Your Dress with a Pop of Color  

Make a dark floral dress pop by adding a clutch in one of the colors from the blouse.  For Example, if your blouse is black and pale blue, try a cobalt blue bag to make it pop.

You can look fab in a black floral print dress, just like my readers, here.

4. Sculpt Your Figure With Florals

First, there was color blocking to highlight your best parts and camouflage trouble areas; now, designers are using florals to slim and shape. They’ve strategically placed florals in specific spots on solid, dark backgrounds to make you look slimmer.

For example, a black dress that has bright florals from the bust-up is perfect for a gal with a bit of a tummy because the bright florals draw your eye up and away from the problem spot. The solid black at the tummy area visually shrinks it.

black and white floral dresses
If you prefer a mainly black and white floral dress, here are some excellent options.

5. Add Bold Jewelry

There’s an unexpected twist when it comes to pairing jewelry with a black floral dress. Dainty, traditional necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that we used to wear with florals have moved aside to make way for larger, more modern statement pieces. Sculpted and architectural jewelry keeps noir florals looking strong and not wimpy.



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14 thoughts on “Black Floral Dresses – Styling Tips To Stand Out!

  1. I have black & white floral jeans left over from last year that I am going to rock with new tops and sandals this spring & summer. They are fun, but just as you advise, a solid top works more often than yet another statement pattern. I wear a bold necklace, or earrings & red high heels with them


  3. Hi Luv,
    Thank you so much for your response. I’m in love with Amendine Nealton look. I like the fact that it has a chic vibe about it. I would like to know what’s your take on dark florals at work? as I work for a bank. I would also like to know if you have any suggestions where to shop for some of the items you have featured on your site. Also do you know of any retails stores where one can shop, when shopping on a budget.
    Thank you

    Here’s to looking fabulous!!!!

    1. Hi Paulette,
      Here’s the link to the clothes in this style board:http://www.polyvore.com/dark_florals/set?id=116041374

      As for dark florals at work- Yes you could wear them. For example a silky, dark floral blouse would look nice with a solid colored skirt or you could wear a dark floral dress with a nice jacket. Typically working in a bank requires you dress a little more conservatively, so I’d stay away from floral pants of any type. Leave those for casual play after work.

      Shopping on a budget? I like stores like Banana Republic that offer classic, modern clothes for work and play. They are always having 40% off days, so sign up for their newsletter and watch for those. Discount retailers like T.J. Max, and Winners have lots of good quality designer clothes at up to 60% off.
      I think shopping on a budget it is more about watching for great sales than shopping at certain stores. Many of the cheaper stores are more teen focused with poor quality, which you don’t want. So do your homework,plan what you want to buy and keep an eye on what is going on sale in quality chains and department stores. For more help planning your wardrobe on a budget you can check out my ebook: Chic on the Cheap. It’s loaded with good ideas. Cheers! Deborah

      1. Hi Deborah,
        Hope this email finds you doing well. Thank you for the feed back you provided, I found it very helpful.

        Thank you :)

  4. I love dresses period and I have several dark florals in my closet. Even though I do have them, love them and wear them, I sometimes wonder if the light florals look to young and girlie for a 49 year old. Dark florals have a little more maturity to them perhaps but still a splash of youthful fun.

    1. Hi Valerie,
      I would say that dark florals are not necessarily more mature, just edgier. It’s more a personality thing.
      Also,many women 40+ can still wear light florals and look fabulous especially if they are fair. Dark florals can sometimes be too stark of a contrast worn on someone with light, skin hair and eyes. Cheers! Deborah

  5. LOVE the dresses, but help please. I am 1,65cm tall, with a big bust, and cannot wear high high heels for love nor money :-) All the dresses are always featured with delicious high heels.What shoes do you recommend for me for summer?

  6. Hello Deborah,

    Thank you for all your guidance in helping us to look our best! I enjoy reading your tips and seeing the pictures sent in by others.

    I was happy to see the articles on nude shoes and floral dresses. I have a summer wedding to attend and love the look of the nude shoe and have always loved feminine dresses.


  7. Great article. Spring has started here in Spain, and I’ve always veered away from florals in fear of looking exactly as you say “ditsy!” I think I will try and be braver and go for the strong bold florals; that would also work better with my skin tone and dark hair.
    Great post.
    Do pop over to my site and see the new pieces we have in for summer; gorgeous necklaces and earrings that epitomize the beautiful hues of the Mediterranean and would look great with some of these florals.

    1. I’m with Barbara–these fabrics look way too grandmotherly for me. If you have to do that much work to make something not look stodgy, then why not skip it altogether?

      1. Hi Karin,
        You’re right. Not every look is for everyone. You should only try a trend that really speaks to your personality, otherwise you will look uncomfortable an unattractive in it. Real style is when your outward appearance matches your inner essence. Cheers! Deborah

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