3 Easy Ways to Wear Bold Stripes Over 40

Bold, colorful stripes are a new spring trend that should be on your radar. You’ll find stripes that run every which way, in vibrant colors, on just about everything! Yes, these stripes are strong and lively, but there are ways to wear them over 40 without feeling like the circus has come to town! Here’s how.

Bold Stripes Outift- Gold red and white Fringe Top with vintage wash, tan culottes, rope circle bag, brown wovern mules, tassel earrings

1. Wear Toned Down Stripes

Colorful stripes are one thing, but wide and bold stripes too? If this mix seems overwhelming for your personal style, look for more subtle striped pieces like this cute fringed top inspired by a vintage beach blanket. The saturated spring colors are softened with a faded wash that gives this top a more laid-back vibe.

Wear this top with faded jeans, or pump it up a tad with these tan linen culottes. Accessorize with a classic pair of woven mules, a trendy rope circle purse, and these cute fringe earrings for a modern boho babe look!

Boldly striped Blue, white and yellow classic lace pencil skirt with white pumps and navy bag

2. Choose Classic Pieces

One way to wear a bright, bold stripe and look classy is to stick with classic pieces. For example, a striped pencil skirt is very classic. Vibrant stripes are trendy. Together they project a look that is fashion-forward but also professional and chic.

I’ve added a pretty yellow blouse with this look above, but if you wanted a quieter look, you could go with a white blouse. Tie the colors of your shoes and bag into the neutral color in your stripes to keep the look grounded.

Bold Striped outfit - Red, white, gray boldy striped wrap top with neutral colored mom jeans and rope sandals

3. Keep Everything Else Neutral

Think of your outfit as an artist’s canvas and build from there. Start with a neutral background like jeans, neutral shoes- in this case, white shoes and a neutral white bag. Then build from there.  Add one big splash of bright color like this bold striped wrap top, and you have created an outfit that is balanced, modern, and not too loud.

If this is still too many stripes for you, try this outfit with a white top and a boldly colored tote bag or shoe. Even a little bit of bold stripes make a fab spring fashion statement.

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