Bright Orange Jacket Signals Spring

You know the nice weather is coming when you’re itching to trade your heavy winter coat for a cute spring jacket in a bright color.

Deborah Orange Jacket

My go-to spring jacket is this tangerine windbreaker from Michael Kors.  It’s lightweight and a very fun color. I love the roll up, 3/4 length sleeves because they give the jacket a very casual, sporty look.

Deb orange jacket standing

Underneath, I’ve traded in my dark blue jeans for some creamy white, cropped pants and a pretty silk blouse. My jacket is great when it gets hot because you can slip it off, roll it up into a ball and toss it in your purse. It’s as light as air.

Deborah Orange jacket on bench

My rope & suede wedges and my fringe pendant necklace give my outfit a touch of a boho feel. What’s your go-to jacket for spring?

*Photos:  Cornernet Photography 


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3 thoughts on “Bright Orange Jacket Signals Spring

  1. I love windbreakers, especially camo. My favorite is UA Storm Windstopper. It does cost more than what most people may be willing to pay, but it manages to keep you completely dry during considerably heavy rains.

  2. Love this look! I also like the look of the longer top hanging out beneath the jacket — also helps hide hips, since the jacket doesn’t.

    With spring arriving early, I am going through my closets and wondering if wide-legged crop pants are back … or not? Looking forward to searching your site for more tips. Thank you!