Orange (Is the New Black)

If you tend to shy away from bright colors like orange because you think they are too loud and youthful, think again.

No color is off limits after 40. It’s simply a matter of whether it suits your skin tone.

Deborah Boland Orange Dress

For example, I have warm skin ( yellow vs. pink undertones), so I look good in orange.. and with a tan… watch out! It’s one of my best colors.

If you have warm coloring  (a spring or Autumn), try orange this summer with white. In winter, orange looks great with gray or brown.

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17 thoughts on “Orange (Is the New Black)

  1. I have rather pale skin with blonde hair and blue eyes. Even though I can’t wear a bright, saturated orange without feeling like I’m being eaten alive by it,a slightly softer version like cantaloupe works beautifully. People who feel that they can’t wear bright colors might try this.Just don’t tone the color down to pastels.

  2. Just stopping by again to say thank you. Your suggestions really helped, and after looking into it some more, I am just about convinced I am a Spring. I am finding the perfect shades of orange for me. What a difference it makes when shopping and culling one’s closet!

    1. Hi Sandra,
      Great to hear! If you are a spring, that means that you will look great in colors that are brighter with warm tones. Gold jewelry should look best on you. Thanks for letting me know!

  3. I’m going to try this again. Please more info on the 4 types of coloring. I’ve been diagnosed a summer, winter, and spring. (Oh, no, not in springtime, summer, winter, or fall!) Aloha!

  4. Thank you, Cheryl. I’d love to read a post about seasonal wardrobe changes based on the 4 types of coloring. I’ve had my colors “done” several times–came out a summer, winter, and spring. Go figure! I guess it’s all good. Aloha!

    1. Hi Joy,
      One thing is for sure, orange does not look good on all skin types, and you might not look or feel good in that color. We hope you will go out and try another one that is bright and cheery and that you can feel great in! Too many women are stuck with too much black and white in their closet, we are just trying to stress that by adding some colorful pieces in your wardrobe, weather it be pinks, salomon, teal blues, that you will feel like some fun is back in getting dressing in the morning!

  5. I think that no color is off limits but more a matter of finding the right shade and intensity for your personal coloring. I look great in bright colors and find my biggest problem to be finding them year round. It’s hard to be a spring in the winter much easier if you can pull off strong bright contrast like red and black, purple black, etc.
    It would be helpful if you ever published a post about seasonal wardrobe changes based on the four types of coloring.

  6. I’m with you, Sandra; I can’t figure it out either…
    Though I love orange, it doesn’t love me back. I keep my orange to accessories, just acquired a super burnt orange bag. It looks great and isn’t next to my face so doesn’t sap my complexion!

    1. Hi Gayle,
      We hope we did not mean to tell everyone that you can wear orange. It is def. not a good color for those with cool tones or that have a lot of pink in their skintone.
      Gayle, you are right to keep it away from your face if you think it does not look good on you! Thanks for bringing that up!!!

  7. (43) Orange is my favorite color for this season! I am still on the fence on whether I am a Spring or a Summer. Would love to be certain. I feel I look better in pinks in the winter when my skin in paler, then when I get a hint of color, the light orange shades look so much better on my skin. I have lighter blue/green eyes and med/light hair, but can tan.

    1. Hi Sandra,
      It’s tricky to determine your colors yourself. Image consultants take hundreds of hours of training and years of practice to get it right.
      The first thing we would ask you is…. Do you look better in 1. pink or 2. peach
      1. cool red or 2. orangey red 1. black or 2. brown 1. taupe or 2. camel? If you answered more to 1 than 2 you are a summer. More 2’s you are a spring. Does that help?

  8. Your blog is amazing! I’ll be 45 this year, still love orange & all bright colors, and these dresses are awesome!

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