Capes – Runway to Reality

From earthy ponchos to short preppy capes, and long sweeping evening cloaks, capes are everywhere this season.  They’re easy for tall skinny models to wear, but how can the average midlife gal wear a cape without looking swallowed up or twice her size?

Here’s how these 40+ Instagrammers take capes from the runway to reality.

taupe cape fur trim


Anette, a 49-year-old German fashion blogger, pairs a glam, fur- trimmed knit cape with edgy moto booties. By matching the color of her boots to her pants, she maximizes her height which always helps when you are wearing a cape.

purple cape


Ruffly and romantic is the best way to describe this big beautiful wine-colored cape worn by Diana, a NYC Instagrammer.

blanket cape


Kimberly’s  beautiful blanket cape with its gorgeous mix of desert colors is rich and rustic. She’s paired it perfectly with a brown textured sweater and a funky, earthy necklace for a casual, classy look.


From southwest style to preppy style. It’s amazing how different capes can give you totally different looks. Here’s Kimberly again, this time in an elegant Euro-style cape with a classy buckle closure.

red cape


This classic red and black plaid cape looks like it arrived straight from London! Jaye gives it a fun twist by pairing it with a playful clutch. Jolly Good!



Miriam, 55 from the Netherlands put a creative twist on dressing by wearing an off the shoulder style cape that highlights her neckline and frames her lovely face.

red and blue striped poncho


Jo-Lynne looks classy and casual in a striped blanket poncho with a Santa Fe vibe.  Be sure to read my full interview with Jolynne. She’s a Fabulous After 40 Styleblazer.


Susie from Charleston, South Carolina looks ready for the big city in her sleek camel cape and matching hat. A fab scarf and big jewelry make this look totally pulled together.



Red alert! It’s Susie again, this time in a bright red cape that is bound to that make passerbys stop and take a second look.


Lightning strikes twice, or so it looks when you first glance at this long, black vintage cape with the unusual double zigzag scarf.  This unique cape was found in a second-hand clothing shop in Allentown, Pennsylvania.


Adrienne is a California wine country lifestyle blogger and a Fabulous After 40 Styleblazer.  Riding boots and a floppy felt hat give her camel cape a rustic boho vibe.

Red and purple with a bit of taupe thrown in give Trina’s cape a very creative feel.


Maria looks warm, elegant and cozy in a fuzzy plaid cape with pretty gray fringe. Yellow accents bring this cape to life.


Annette, a German fashion blogger and Fabulous After 40 Styleblazer looks pretty in a pink knit poncho with a cape feel.

Do you like capes? I do. Take a look at my black cape and learn more about how to wear a cape.

I’m always on the lookout for Stylish women to feature. Be sure to add the #fabulousafter40  HASHTAG to your Instagram posts so I can find you easily!

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8 thoughts on “Capes – Runway to Reality

  1. I found your website a few months ago and just love the articles and styling tips. I have read many of your comments including the comments on the capes. I was so pleased to see that you live in Toronto. I live there also.

    1. Hi Laura,
      Yes, I live in Toronto (and Florida sometimes too) but my following is mainly U.S., although I do have visitors from around the world!
      Please feel free to spread the word about Fabulous After 40 in Canada.
      Thanks for being a part of the community! Cheers, Deborah

  2. I love all the capes shown above, but am In love with the Preppy cape.

    I am petite and I would look like the caped crusader in one that would be too big. Great suggestions for all.

    1. Hi Annette, Nice to hear from you. I have always been a fans of capes and own 3! This season there are so many gorgeous ones out there that I can’t resist buying another. I live in Toronto and we enjoy 4 distinct seasons. A cape is the perfect thing to throw on in autumn or spring when a coat would be too heavy. I wear my lightweight espresso-colored capelet with leather trim when I go shopping, and I have a long, dressy, chocolate cape with a faux fur collar that I wear on special evenings out. I also have a red cape that dates back to the 90’s! Still love that one! I just love the drama and the way a cape makes me feel. Sounds like you do too. Cheers! Deborah

      1. I really like the look of a cape, and I really enjoy both of your blogs (Annette and Deborah). I check them out several times a week. Is there a guideline for what length a cape should be?

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