How to Look Casually Chic in a Leopard Print Blouse

Did you know that a leopard print blouse is considered to be a neutral color top and can be mixed and matched with everything?

I wear mine with leather leggings, suede booties, and a red cashmere throw. This is the type of outfit I’d wear if I was going out to dinner /the movies with my husband and another couple, or if I was heading off downtown to go shopping. I like to dress casually elegant and so, this works for me and my relaxed lifestyle.

Deborah Boland animal print blouse

Why is Leopard Print so Popular?

Leopard print has been around forever, but these days it’s more popular than ever.  I think that’s because 1)  even just a little leopard adds a ton of glam 2) Leopard is very versatile; you can wear it with everything from blue jeans to a business suit and make it work. 3) Color-wise, as I mentioned, it’s considered the new neutral.

leopard print blouse and red wrap

This isn’t the first leopard blouse I’ve ever owned, but I think it is the best. I love the quality, but even more so, the color.

It’s Important to Choose the Right Shade

Some leopard prints are more on the golden, warm side while others are on the cool, ash side. This one is warmer (gold/warm brown/warm black) and works well with my warm skin and hair. If your skin is pink with blue undertones and your hair is ashy, and then you are better off with a dark black/taupe/ash brown or gray leopard print blouse.

How to Wear Leopard Print

There are several guidelines for wearing animal prints. To look sophisticated, pair your leopard print blouse with another color in the print, don’t wear any other animal prints with the blouse, and don’t over-accessorize. You don’t want your animal print to look beastly.

If you like a little drama, you can add a dash of hot pink, emerald green, red (like I’ve done with my wrap). A touch of bold color can make you look vibrant.

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13 thoughts on “How to Look Casually Chic in a Leopard Print Blouse

    1. Hi Martha, I got at Neiman Marcus. They sell them in the Lingere department, I have three- coral, red and leopard and I wear them everywhere. They are particularly great when on an airplane or in a cold conference room or if you are outside and it is a bit chilly. It’s cashmere so it is super soft. Best purchase I ever made. Cheers, Deborah

  1. I love leopard print! You look beautiful and enjoyed your tips on finding the right kind:) Great with red, never thought of that!


  2. I adore the leopard print blouses in almost any style. Truly I like all animals prints as long as they are not mixed in one outfit or overdone. Women over 40 look so chic sporting the animal prints.

  3. Yes, it’s me that 70 year old lady that got pressured into buying $1400 of clothing from a personal stylist and took it all back on the stylist’s day off. Now tell me how I can return to that store when she is there an act nonchalant?

    I tried a different not so upscale store and a stylist who I had never me beforehand. She sold me a very large black bag because she had gotten the same one for her mother who is also 70 along with a large floral print short cardigan which makes me look heavier.Thanks.

    How I envy you in your red coat and animal print top. It is still close to 100 in Southern CA and I must extend my summer wardrobe (ha ha) that consisted of one pair of white jeans.

    1. Hi Paula,
      You make me laugh because we’ve all been where you are too..buying things that later make you scratch your head and ask, “What was I thinking?”
      No big deal. I bet these stylists get it all the time. I’d go back and not say a thing, and if she asks, just say, “I got them home and they weren’t for me, but thank you for your help. (smile).

      Best of luck with your next shoppng trip. Maybe take a friend you can trust next time to give you some feedback. Cheers, Deborah

  4. I love this look! I couldn’t agree with you more about a white blouse, I think it makes me look a bit severe sometimes. Pop in some pattern and the edges seem to soften a bit and I am a happier woman! Thanks for a great inspiration today!

    1. Hi Elaine, I’ve also found that Emerald green looks fabulous with leopard print too.I use to have an leopard print bag I carried with an emerald green sheath dress and boy did that look rich. Cheers! Deborah

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