Catherine Zeta Jones Has A Going to The Grocery Store Outfit – Do You?

what to wear to the grocery store outfit
Catherine Zeta-Jones always tries to look her best!

Here is an inspiring headline I saw: Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones always looks good – even when she does the food shopping.

Catherine Zeta-Jones commented: I owe it to my fans to wear my best when I go to the supermarket.

I’ve talked about the need for some casual what to wear to the grocery store outfit because I agree with Catherine that there’s no reason not to try to look nice when you go out.

You can dress casually and comfortably but still looks stylish running errands. It just takes planning.

First, you need to have your “going to the grocery store” outfit all ready and hanging in the closet. Otherwise, you will end up wearing any old thing.


grocery store outfit

from @lovechicos


This outfit would consist of:

  • cute but comfortable shoes, like sneakers or flat/low booties
  • stretch jeans, leggings (or a casual knit dress)
  • coordinating stretch top
  • Sweater or jacket (make sure these cover your bottom if you wear leggings)
  • a great bag
  • a touch of bling such as earrings
  • if you’re having a bad hair day, then you will need a cute cap
  • Neutral colors are always a good choice for a casual, classy look.


casual outfit over 40 pink long top leggings

This outfit above is shown with leggings, but you could easily substitute it with a pair of stretchy black jeans. It’s simple and casual but is coordinated and has cute shoes and accessories.

The fun part of creating an outfit like this is gathering up all the pieces and then finding a unique hook or spot where the entire outfit is always ready to go.



You may not need more than 1 going shopping outfit per season since you rarely run into the same person when you’re out. (This one is great for fall.)

However, If you shop a lot, you may want to have 2 or 3 slightly different versions of your shopping outfit. So instead of creating one going shopping outfit, you would create a going shopping clothing module.


Modules are a way of dressing that saves you tons of time and money while giving you more versatility. To find out more about creating the wardrobe modules, you can read about them in my e-book  Chic on the Cheap- How to create a wardrobe on a budget.

Now you’ll look and feel good no matter who you might happen to run into. Happy Shopping.

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10 thoughts on “Catherine Zeta Jones Has A Going to The Grocery Store Outfit – Do You?

  1. I agree that a person should always try to look their best especially when they go out of the house. You owe it to your self to spend the time to fix your hair, put a little makeup on and choose a nice casual outfit as you have shown her to wear whether you are at home or going out to run errands. I personally get asked all they time why I am so dressed up, and that is when I am wearing a pair of colored corduroy pants, a coordinating shirt/blouce and a pair of patent flats around on the weekends and/or on my days off. It is a matter of taking pride in oneself. How you look often gives people an outward perception on how you deal with all aspects of your life. If you don’t take pride in yourself, how can you take pride in anything else, including your home, work, etc.

  2. I often find that when women dress inappropriately it’s not so much a matter of age but of bad choices. The issue isn’t that people have the right to wear what they want either. I saw as an example of a “younger look” where the woman was definitely over 40, probably in her 50’s. Her skirt was mid-thigh and she was not in shape at all, with sagging skin, etc. Why would anyone want to show that off? Her top was above her belly which wasn’t very pretty. I think that women of any age need to think of all sorts of things when they dress, what they want to show and is it too much?

  3. Love your picks for casual outfits for grocery shopping! I have experienced this first hand. Many years ago I had to go to the grocery store for my mom, and did not have time to change. Sure enough, I ran into an old friend from high school that likes to gossip. Never again, did that happen.

  4. I really liked your casual, classy look for grocery shopping…and then I looked down and realized I was practically wearing it already. Maybe I’m finally learning how to put an outfit together. Thanks Deborah!

  5. This is such good advice. It makes you feel great to have a simple casual “go-to’ outfit that you can jump into and head out the door without a lot of fuss. If you’re doing your errands in raggedy sweats and your hair is a fright, you’re sure to run into someone you wish you hadn’t.(or maybe even a TV news crew!)

    1. Hi Janet,
      You are so right! You might not run into somebody every time you go out, but it only takes that one time you wish you had tried a little harder when you run into the ex-wife or old high school friend, boss, ect..

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