Chico’s Girlfriend Jeans Styled by Over 40 Bloggers!

Life shines even brighter in the warm light of girlfriends.


That’s what I discovered when I recently got the chance to meet some fabulous blogger friends at a very special fashion shoot sponsored by Chicos.

Take a look at our video!

On a beautiful, sun-kissed California afternoon, 7 bloggers from across North America gathered for friendship, photos, and fun in our fabulous new Chicos girlfriend jeans.  It was International Women’s Day, and the first time we had met in person since the launch of the Fierce 50; an exciting movement that celebrates and honors women 50+.


Working together in a collaborative community, we’re out to shift the perception of what life is really like in midlife. We want to wake up advertisers to our demographic’s immense buying power, and to show the world that at 50 and beyond, life is just beginning.

With me on the shoot was the lovely Glenda Harrison from @sowhattotwenty and my pal, Jamie Lewinger from @moreTurquoise.

Catherine Grace O’Connell from @catherinegraceo  (founder of the Fierce 50) hosted our Chico’s get-together, while  Kathy Kaehler from @kathykaheler,  Cathy Williams from @themiddlepageblog,  and Shauna Robertson from @chicover50  joined in the fun. Such beautiful ladies!

Chico was quick to recognize our powerful and important message.


To honor the movement and the power of friendship, they graciously gifted over 50 members of the Fierce 50 with the most charming girlfriend bracelets. We’re wearing ours, here.


Like the women themselves, each girlfriend bracelet is unique and has its own special meaning. What a beautiful way for us to bond!

Also uniting us were our fabulous Chico girlfriend jeans. Everyone got to choose their favorite style +  a top for the shoot. It was fascinating to see the different personalities come through the styling of the jeans, and it made getting to know each other so much more fun.

I’m pretty classic, but I like bold colors and a modern twist, so I went for the Slimming Sateen Girlfriend Ankle Jeans and the Orange Braided Cold Shoulder Top. The jeans were super comfy, and those flirty full sleeves made me feel very cool.

Jamie ( from New Mexico) and I first met two years ago at NY Fashion Week,  and we roomed together on this trip. She’s a lot of fun. I love her sophisticated style with an edge and adored her chic outfit which consisted of  Girlfriend Crop Jeans and a bold Twin Stripes Peplum Shirt in contrasting fabric. The necktie scarf was a fabulous touch.


Glenda and I had been in touch via email, but it was lovely to finally connect with this sophisticated fashion blogger who has both substance and style.  Glenda also went for the classic Girlfriend  Crop Jeans like Jamie but paired hers with this crisp,  Striped Off the Shoulder Ruffle Top. I loved the Flamenco vibe of this look.

Kathy ( right) is a fitness expert and radio host with an entrepreneurial spirit and risk-taking nature who was a pleasure to get to know. Her Breezy Layered Tunic and scarf looked relaxed and classy with her Chico’s Girlfriend Ankle Jeans.


Catherine (left) is a California gal, the boho beach babe of the group. She’s a sensitive soul with an infectious laugh that’s more like a glorious cackle. Her  Chico’s Lace Trench Jacket and Metallic Stitched Girlfriend Ankle Jeans were pure hippie glam.

Cathy (middle) from Texas and I had crossed paths before at a blogging conference.  I’ve always admired her gorgeous red mane and love her sweet and sassy personality. Her Orange Pop Art Pattern Shirt and White Girlfriend Jeans were a beautiful combo, and the sleeves were perfect for her, as she admits to being sleeve obsessed these days!

Finally, there was Shauna (right).  She’s a  sweet, petite powerhouse from Utah with a fierce and fascinating hairstyle and the most translucent, porcelain skin that makes her look like a china doll. Shauna wore the Girlfriend Deconstructed Cropped Jeans and the prettiest Lace Cuff Top with preppy stripes and lavish cuff sleeves.


You can make friends online, but there’s nothing more magical than connecting in person. Our stylish girlfriend getaway was exciting and uplifting and created a bond that will carry us through midlife and beyond!

Thanks to Chicos for partnering with us on this Girlfriend Jeans Getaway that celebrates unity and friendship!   

Note: This is a sponsored post and contains affiliate links. All opinions are 100% mine. For more info see my Page:  Blog Monetization and Disclosure

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4 thoughts on “Chico’s Girlfriend Jeans Styled by Over 40 Bloggers!

  1. Fabulous pictures, and it looks like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing the great outfits too. I love my 50s, and I already see a couple of items I want to purchase!

  2. What a gorgeous group of women! I follow these beautiful blogs: great photos and lots of happy smiles. Thanks for sharing.

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