Celebrity Hair Over 40 – Do These Gals Need a Change?

There are a handful of stars out there who have been around for a long time and never change their look. Their hair, especially, looks exactly the way it has for years.

Some may say, “So what’s wrong with that? If it suits them, why not keep the same style?” Others feel not having a change makes them look stuck in a rut. What do you think?

Jane SyemourHere are three 40+ celebs who have been wearing their hair the same way for a very long time. Tell me how you think they look, and what they need to do, or not do with their hair to look “Age-Amazing” ( amazing for their age!) Just make you comment below. I’d love to hear what you think! JANE SEYMOUR – Should she cut her hair short?

 PAMELA ANDERSON– Should she go darker or shorter?Pamela Anderson
JAMIE LEE CURTIS – Should she color her hair or grow it longer? Jamie Lee Curtis
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29 thoughts on “Celebrity Hair Over 40 – Do These Gals Need a Change?

  1. Jane Seymour is a classic beauty not swayed by. Fads or trends. Just lovely as she is.
    Pamela Anderson has bleached her hair far too often, I think her butch do a little while ago was because the damaged hair is just breaking off. Lose the bleach girl.
    Jamie Lee Curtis needs to grow her hair to a women’s length. It looks too harsh and butch with that men’s military standards haircut. She could be an attractive woman.

  2. Jane needs a shorter cut, pictures of her and her daughter with matching hair styles are really ridiculous. The last time I saw her live I thought she looked drawn and the hair no longer is flattering. Of course, her mother had just died and she is going through a divorce again so that might have something to do with it. Pam’s hair is a mess, too light, dry-looking, etc., needs a complete make-over. Jamie Curtis is perfect. God Bless her for standing her ground.

  3. I think each one look of them looks great in her own way. They are comfortable in how they look and their personalities is manifest in their choices. I think every woman should present herself in the way that makes her feel comfortable and reflects her own self. People are becoming reflections of others too much these days, that you can’t say “this lady has a great style” any more, cos the style she has is not her own.

  4. Jamie lee Curtis look good with short hair she should colour her hair like brown or mid red hair because brown hair looks much better on her it doesn’t matter if short or long or shoulder length hair if she dye hair again like anything brown or mid red hair but still can keep it short with dye hair because brown hair looks heaps better on her it suits her with dark brown hair when it short

  5. I think they should all three wear their hair exactly as they wish to and not worry about what anyone else thinks. Except I would tell Pamela to get some treatments to help with the damage. I wish I could rock the Jamie lee look—so cute!

  6. Jane – could use some long layers and a flip out do.

    Pam – same as above, however with more low lights

    Jamie Lee – loose the spikes and channel a more Audrey Hepburn-ish look.

  7. Jane should cut her hair to chin length. Shorter hair would make that beautiful face more of the focus. Pamela Anderson needs to go shades darker and looks like her hair could use a great conditioning. Her hair doesn’t look healthy. Finally, Jamie’s hair is absolutely perfect! (I’m jealous!)

  8. I think I agree with most of the other comments;
    Jane’s is good for her but perhaps a little shorter and darker might be good; Pamela definitely needs to update her image; less bleach softer blond and shorter hair
    Jamie’s hair is perfect for her; she is so gorgeous and she carries off the whole look so well – “if it aint broke don’t fix it!

  9. Jane shouldn’t go short, but she should go mid-back and get a more modern cut with lots of layers.

    With Pam, it’s hard to say. I can’t imagine her looking good with darker hair, or even lowlights…and she’s kind of cartoony, anyway. I kind of want to just tell her to keep rocking the same look until she can’t anymore. And even then, maybe she still should. It’s her schtick, and she’s not going to suddenly be Audrey Hepburn.

    Love Jamie Lee’s cut and her gray. I agree that she could darken her brows a little. She looks great.

  10. I think Jane looks great. For too long women over 40 were told they needed to have short hair. When I was growing up all the women around me had the same short hairstyle. I almost thought it was something that just happened to you one day when you went to the salon- your hairdresser would look at you and say ‘it’s time- we have to cut your hair today’.

    Anyway, I agree with those that say Pam could go softer. I think not only with her hair but her make-up also.

    I think Jamie is beautiful but I also think the silver does age her….it is very pretty but she is still too young for that look yet. I wish she would dye her hair for a few more years and then go to grey.

  11. I think….

    Jane should have some long wispy bangs but leave the length…just for a fresh look.

    Pamela needs to tone down the blonde and add some low-lights…and maybe go a little straighter and not so bouffant…

    Jamie – love her! I think she looks great and if anything add just one streak of purple…to jazz it up!

    Actually …all 3 are stunning women each unique…and that’s what its all about…

  12. Jane should keep her hair as it is–it used to be much longer than it is right now.
    Pamela can keep her as is too…but only for a few more years.
    Jamie should spike hers out more.
    I’m surprised you didn’t mention Jennifer Aniston or Demi Moore.

  13. I don’t think that any of the three is required to change their style just because they’ve been rocking it for a while now. The all look kind of great, actually.
    If I were jane – I would probably shorten it a little.
    If I were Pamela – I would definitely step away from the dye bottle.
    If I were Jamie – I would thank my lucky stars – and perhaps let it grow out just a smidgen.

  14. I think Jane Seymour’s hair is great. She may color it, etc. but it looks natural and isn’t that what everyone wants? Pamela, well, she looks like she is over-bleached to me so it feels harsh. Low-lights would be a good start. And Jamie’s short short spikes are severe IMO. I think she would do herself a favor by softening her look in some way.

  15. I think they all look great. They show that we can wear what we like as long as we like. I wouldn’t change any of them.

    PS Hair doesn’t always grow back. I’m 58 and just cut my hair shorter than it’s ever been, and now trying to grow it longer. Not going to happen. It’s finer and there is now a lot less of it. Having my old style isn’t even possible anymore.

  16. Jane looks great but may benefit from a shorter ‘do

    Pam is a hot mess and would look so much better with a darker shade

    I love Jamie. She has had short hair for a while now and would look cute with a little longer style. Keep the gray though!

  17. I love Jane Seymour’s hair. Wouldn’t change a thing. She is glam & beautiful!

    Pamela Anderson……..could use alittle freshening up. Fresher more hip style with some thinning shears to take out some bulk.

    Jamie Curtis…….Gray looks great on her and that cut is sensational on her but not everyone could wear wear it. She has a great small face with fine features and she rocks it!

  18. Jane – Shorter cut, new color, maybe a bit darker
    Pamela – Needs a total change, darker color, more current style
    Jamie – Perfect, no change needed

    This week I’m ‘going in’ for a radical change – cut, color, the works! I’ve had the same basic style for 20 years, I’m ready for a change.

  19. This is a tricky one. On the one hand yes they have had the same style for years (Heather Locklear is another one) & may well be due for a change. However, surely at 40+ you know what suits you best. I think Pamela could ease up on the bleach-blonde a little but having said that she still looks ok, if anything it’s the clothes that let her down more than anything. I’m not always a fan of going short just because you’re over 40, sometimes it’s more ageing than leaving it long. Having said that Jamie Lee rocks the pixie cut. I’m not sure I would be brave enough to make a radical change either to be honest. At 46 my hair is the longest it’s been in a long time but I’m really liking it.

  20. I say Yes Yes and Yes.

    Both Jane and Pamela could go shorter without losing their style and persona. And Jamie could grow her hair a little and still make her point about grey hair and unfussy style.

    Just my opinion. Thanks for asking.

  21. Here are my thoughts: Women with memorable style often have a signature hair do that they wear throughout their lifetime. (Lauren Bacall comes to mind.) I suspect that the most successful wearers of a signature style make subtle tweaks through the years.

    Jane Seymour has done a lot to counter the idea that an older woman must cut her hair. Because she goes for a romantically soft, classic style, she can carry off long hair quite nicely.

    To me, Pamela Anderson’s look is too heavy, and it does not flatter her. She might look prettier with a more natural looking blonde and softer eye makeup.

    Jamie Lee Curtis has owned the look she has now for a long time, and she wears it well. If I were in her shoes, I would wear my hair a little longer, perhaps in an updated version of the hair styles her beautiful mother wore in her later years. But, that’s just me and my personality. She seems comfortable with her look as it is, and it is quite striking. I think she has the complexion to wear gray well. She’s at a length that many stylists recommend for older women, anyway.

    I do think that the personality of these actors plays into their hairdos. Though Jane is more classic than Pamela, both of these women enjoy very feminine looks. I can’t see either of them being comfortable in Jamie Lee’s uber short do. I can see Jamie Lee Curtis letting her hair grow a little, but
    I can’t see her at Jane Seymour’s length.

    Maybe, that’s the lesson to be learned. Whatever changes we make to our appearance as we age should be in keeping with our personality. If we are romantic in nature, will be drawn to softer styles whether we wear our hair long or short. If we are edgier in personality, we will choose trendy cuts whether our hair is long or short. As we age, we can probably find new and flattering ways to project our inner fashion personality consistently. Or, if our taste changes dramatically over time, our hair can reflect change, as well.

    Having said all that, none of these actors have asked for a critique of their appearance. I am certainly neither a fashion cop or a model example of great style, myself. These actors know what they like and can wear their hair as they wish.

  22. #1: Hair grows out. So I think it’s a good idea to change it periodically and experiment. If you don’t like it, it’s not permanent!

    Jayne Seymour is beautiful, but she could definitely stand to update her hairstyle. Something chin length could really give her a boost.

    Oh Pamela. I love Pamela. She says it takes a lot of money to look that cheap and I believe her! I doubt she will ever stray from her trademark bottle blond but she would look great with a slightly darker color and some low lights, and as others have said, more movement. Ditch the AquaNet.

    Jamie Lee! I looooove Jamie Lee, I think she is an awesome example of how to look AgeMazing, and I’d leave her just the way she is. But I love short hair. I usually have my hair that short, but I grew it out this year to make a change.

  23. I think they have each had those hairdos for too long. It would be nice to see them freshen up their look with a new cut, color and style. What woman doesn’t feel better after a fresh cut and color?

  24. Such a good question! Hope nobody asks it about me! I say yes to all of your queries about these three attractive women. Each has such a signature style which has, in some way, identified them over the years. Howerver, I think, “Now, that you’re older and completely established, why not change your look (especially Pamela)”? Hair grows back–most of the time–so it’s not a permanent thing. Of course, they know themselves best and likely have very compelling reasons to keep the hairdos they have. Would I be brave enough to make a radical change? Hmmm.

  25. Jane- I think her hair might look nice in a shoulder length style. She is always lovely nonetheless.

    Pamela might benefit from a style that’s more fashion forward and has more movement.

    Jamie Lee prides herself on the freedom from dye but if it were me, I’d lengthen the bangs. Actually, she could grow it out a little and spike the whole thing!

    There was an article recently about a woman who loved her long hair and was not going to cut it just because she was in her later years. I agree, let your hair go gray, wear it as long as you want – we have freedom to choose.

    However, I have the freedom to look as nice as possible. I don’t look young but my husband still thinks me beautiful so I’ll keep being fanatical about sunscreen, watching my weight, exercising and highlighting my hair.

  26. What I think … All three have great looks, but a little freshening wouldn’t hurt.

    Jane Seymour is known for her trademark long locks, but she could go to shoulder-brushing length and a turned-under long bob for a little lift without sacrificing her overall image.

    Pamela Anderson works loose curls and waves and super-high volume hair extremely well; again, shoulder-skimming length is a nice look for her, with lots of movement and body; the quintessential blonde, maybe just lowlights or highlights and texturizing to mix things up a little?

    Jamie Lee Curtis has a fierce, great 40+ look going on hair-wise; no dye, please, and not much length, unless perhaps a little over the tip-top parts of her ears. Her eyebrow color’s a bit aging, though, and might benefit from some darker brown with silver blended in.

    Wow, what fun … and, just my opinion … yours may vary.

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