What to Wear to a Charity Fashion Show

A few weeks ago I posted some photos from Toronto Fashion week where the majority of the city’s top fashionistas were decked out in black.

Funny enough, I was just at a local charity fashion show here in Burlington for Breast Cancer, and it was the same story. It seems like black is the top choice of gals over 40 at evening fashion events. Take a look at the interesting ways these ladies wear black and the few who broke the mold.

women over 40 wearing leggings, riding boots and jackets

These two women at the fashion show fundraiser stood out from the crowd because of their fabulously put-together equestrian looks. On the left: Head-to-toe black is always slimming, but looks best when you combine various textures and finishes. This gal mixes smooth, shiny patent leather boots, with matte pants and a tweedy, textured jacket.

On the right: Gray is a refined color to wear with black. I love the super flattering cut of the jacket and the touch of purple at the collar. It adds a lovely shot of energy.

women over 40 wearing leather leggings

One of the best ways to wear black is to keep your outfit sleek and simple; that way you stand out. That’s the case here where these two women choose perfectly tailored, minimalistic cuts that play up their great figures. Leather leggings and tall suede boots with a shorter skirts add a cool, urban edge.

Women over 40 wearing a faux fur vest, chunky sweater and leggings

Vests have been big this fall. This gal went for a more cozy look in A faux fur vest and chunky knit sweater that she combined with tall riding boots and comfy black leggings.

Women over 50 wearing stylish black outfits at a charity fashion show

More black and this time-worn left with a dark floral dress, another hot trend. On the right, a classic look – all black with a stunning gold statement necklace makes this woman look utterly chic.

statement jewlery makes the outfit

As we just saw, Jewelry can add a lot of dimension to black. Left: This woman looks elegant and artsy in this lovely statement necklace that looks like it could be one of a kind. Her friend (right) mixes navy with black, which adds some lovely warmth to her all-dark look. black shearling coat

Here’s a fun coat, and it’s right on trend. This is the kind of thing that looks great at a special event because it is a statement piece. This gal likes fashion!

chunky knit sweater and red jeans

Finally, something different in a sea of black. Bravo to this woman for being true to herself. She looks very creative and like has a very fun sense of style.

Have you been to any fashion shows lately What did you wear? Would you wear any of these looks? Which one?

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One thought on “What to Wear to a Charity Fashion Show

  1. John, you are so right. Color is energy and emotion, but women seem afraid to express that. A little color goes a long way in making you look vibrant after 40. Thanks for your observations. Cheers, Deborah

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