Chic Combinations for Colored Jeans

Need some ideas for what to wear with your colored jeans this summer? Here’s a look at the shades and styles that are trending right now.


Sky Blue Jeans and Lace-Up Top

Blue is a top trending color for spring, and it looks so dreamy paired with white.

pink jeans


Pink jeans + Gray

Pink is pretty and feminine, but you don’t want to look too sugary sweet. The best way to add some sophistication is by adding some neutral accessories to the mix. This warm gray is modern and chic.

orange jeans


Orange + Tan

Fiery orange is a spicy summer shade for colored jeans especially when you pair it with a pretty blouse. This time instead of gray we’ve added tan neutral accessories to soften the look and cool things down a tad. A slouchy boho bag looks casual and comfy with this ’70s inspired peasant blouse.


blue colored jeans


Blue + Pink + Silver

A pretty pop of bright blue can wake up a tired wardrobe. See how fresh and fun it looks with this charming floral t-shirt and silver metallic sneakers.

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23 thoughts on “Chic Combinations for Colored Jeans

  1. I need advise on how to wear capris . I don’t like the hemline to come to my knees when I sit down. I really prefer ankle pants.
    Do you know where I can find a good pair? Am 5′ 7 and I don’t like the way capris look on me. Any suggestions. My age is 63.

    Also, I have a problem finding dresses that hit below my knees. I have a few maxi dresses, but I feel like am carrying around excess material. Help! Prefer dresses that hit below the knees.

  2. Do they still sell regular straight leg jeans, the ones that don’t stretch. I notice when I wear stretch jeans they slides down, leaving creases in my jeans, and I’m constantly pulling them up, even if they fit perfect.

    1. Hi Sandra,
      I think your jeans are probably sliding down because they are not high enough, especially at the back, and they may be not snug enough at the waist too. I have experienced this problem myself.

      NYDJ are famous for their slim fit that promises you will look one size smaller. The spandex in them helps flatten your tummy and lift your bottom. I would suggest you try the Marilyn Tonal stretch straight leg with 1% spandex. See here:
      With 1%, rather than 2% spandex, it is a little less stretchy than a jegging jean. This is also a fairly high waist jean, especially at the back. It’s one of their best sellers. If you still find things shifting, try a belt.

      I have also found midrise Paige jeans with spandex to fit well, and a brand of Jeans called Yoga jeans. If anyone else has suggestions, please chime in. I’d love to hear what is working for everyone. Cheers, Deborah

  3. Deborah: One last thing on NYDJs and the stretchiness. I have gone down several sizes from their chart and ended up looking like a stuffed sausage; I mean, I couldn’t leave the house and wait for them to stretch out.

    You are tiny (very cute figure) so looking like a stuffed sausage doesn’t happen to you. Maybe the key is for full figured gals to go down one size from NYDJs chart and smaller gals two sizes.

  4. LOOK AT FABRIC CONTENT; I have spent considerable time testing out the various NYDJs ,as finding the right look can be almost impossible, and ordering them online (the shipping is free). I DON’T WEAR JEGGINGS, LEGGINGS, SKINNY O SHORTS. The key is the combination of fabric percentages, e.g. I live in So. California where it is 104 today and so I wear white jeans. The Marilyn Straight is 98% cotton,2% Spandex. This is the only white, Straight style in jeans. I wear a size 12 normally; their size chart has me at 14 but if you go down one I am back at my normal size 12.

    Unfortunately the 98% Cotton, 2% Spandex stretches out after an hour or so. For lighter blue (Spring, Summer) jeans try the Marilyn Straight in “Modesto” with 80% cotton,19% polyester and 1% Spandex. The fit is perfect and you can wear them several times without stretching.

    Going darker (Fall, Winter), try the Hayden Straight Leg in “Dark Enzyme” again in 80%/19%/1%.

    Cotton: soft, Polyester: holds shape, Spandex: stretch (less Spandex, less stretch). I stay away from Rayon.

    The rises on all the styles are the same; just look at fabric content. I am 5’7″ and weigh 170.

    Thanks and I hope this can be helpful to others.

    1. Hi Paula, Thanks for this very helpful info. The Olive Alina Not Your Daughter’s Jeans I bought are 78% cotton, 20% polyester and 2% spandex. They are quite stretchy which is exactly why I went down two sizes. I’ve made that mistake in the past — buying jeans for the way they fit when I try them on, and then an hour later, I’m floating in them. Now I always ask and check the label. Cheers, Deborah

  5. Good advice on the NYDJ – I have a pair that must have seemed ok when I tried them on but after I wear them for a bit they look huge!

    I love the tie blouses – it was hard to find any that didn’t have a tie and I tried not to over do it! But I did get three new ones for fall. And yes, I think they look great with jeans!

  6. I certainly would wear the olive jeans along with the navy top. Great look!! My concern is how tight can a slender apple 60 year old wear her jeans. I recently was on the hunt for high waisted skinny jeans…found Calvin Klein fit the bill. But during that time finding the perfect fit wasn’t easy as sizing down in a jean the leg is really tight and revealing. I find there is a fine line…What is appropriate. I guess it’s a matter of getting use to a style or look? Any suggestions?

    1. I bought dark wash flare jeans HIGH waisted from banana republic. I love them. They don’t fall down because they sit at the smallest part of your waist. They are really long and make your legs look longer, especially with heels. They look quite dressy and appropriate with a nce short fitted blazer. They look great with any fitted top, and i think apple shaped women look fabulously balanced in flare jeans with fitted tops. Try them on at least, you might be surprised.

  7. Its a nice post. Wearing colored leggings is not only for teenagers but also for women who’ve reached 40’s.

    1. all the style articles I have seen say they are out, and the wider pants are in, Amusingly enough, the “wider” category started with straight legs! But they did make a point of particularly lampooning jeggings.

      1. If you follow fashion trends very, very closely, there is a pattern of going from skinny or jegging, to wide and/or gaucho,( called wide crops this season), then super exaggerated wide pants, then back to skinny. This girls is to keep us always buying the latest trend. As soon as skinny is the craze, wide legs Always come back. I say wear what you prefer if you like purchase one or two of whatever’s current great and if you don’t you’ll still be ok.

        As far as jeans go; I love colored jeans, I currently own royal purple, olive, an autumn gold, and a Merlot color. I love the purple with a deep gold top. I’m going to try the olive with the navy that will be a new twist for me.

        1. Hi Diana, you are right about the pendulums swinging on wideness of pant leg. The bottom line is you need to find a pant style that suits your body type and stick with it. I look good in skinny jeans so even though flares are suddenly in, I’m pretty much sticking to my classic skinnies. As for the color of jeans- it sounds like you have a fantastic collection that you can really mix and match with. Good luck with the olive pair and let me know how you like your new color combination. Cheers, Deborah

  8. So…what about those of us with apple shapes? I have yet to find a flattering pair of colored denim pants that don’t emphasize my big stomach, flat butt, and slender legs… Suggestions?

  9. There is no way I can wear (especially bright) colored jeans as I am a slim pear shape with super emphasis on the pear part (yuck). However, I know other women older, younger, etc. have far better legs and can sport them nicely. Seeing that model and yourself wear them definitely puts me off them, but may encourage others. You both would be considered to have great figures.

  10. Such a great article. Here InTheMiddleOfNowhere, I’ve spent the last couple of seasons trying to find colored denim that has something other than the lowest rise. Now it’s everywhere. Thank you for the excellent color combo suggestions. To add to that, I’m trying dark brown with teal. Teal is tough, sometimes.