Classy Moto Jacket Outfit Ideas that Work at Any Age

A beautiful leather jacket is a worthwhile investment you can enjoy at any age. In the last few seasons, moto-style jackets with an edgy biker vibe have been the most popular. Here’s a look at the many variations on the motto theme and what to wear to master this look.

black-leather jacket scarf

1. The Cool Black Women’s Leather Moto Jacket 

This jacket instantly comes to mind when considering the classic moto jacket. It’s tough; it’s a rocker and so cool. Sometimes black leather can be a little challenging to wear after 40. Suppose black is too biker gang for you; no worries because a little less hardware and a change of color can make all the difference.  Could you take a look below to see what I mean?



Moto Jacket - Cognac

2. The Friendly Brown Moto Leather Jacket

Brown is considered a friendly, approachable color. If you have warm (golden) skin, hair, and eyes, you will look better in a brown moto jacket vs. a black coat. That doesn’t mean you can’t pair it with something black. Black + brown is a very chic combo. Tie the look together with some snake print shoes or booties. Here’s how I styled my brown leather moto jacket.


Moto Jackets - Pink

3. The Feminine Pastel Moto Jacket

Think again if you feel your style is too feminine for a biker jacket. Pastels have been huge lately and are drifting over to the biker jacket world. Here’s a moto-style coat that’s not even leather. This pink moto jacket looks soft and pretty in this heavenly shade of pink, and it’s more relaxed in suede. Pair it with gray, a popular neutral this fall, and your favorite jeans. A wine-colored bag adds it, making it less girly and more mature.

Moto-Jackets Red

4. The Elegant Burgundy Leather Moto Jacket

Burgundy is my favorite color moto jacket. Richer than red and not as harsh as black, Burgundy is very sophisticated and always looks classy. I like the combo of black accessories with Burgundy; a touch of white around your face lights you up. Here’s my burgundy leather moto jacket and how I styled it.

Do you own a moto jacket?


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11 thoughts on “Classy Moto Jacket Outfit Ideas that Work at Any Age

  1. Hi. Thank you for the Moto info. I have black leather, gold zippers, a typical moto jacket length, and a round collar. I’m tall and have a bit of a middle-aged middle. I struggle with how to work with that, plus the jacket.
    So far, I’ve worn a longer top the same color as the jacket to elongate, so I’m not cut in half.
    I’d appreciate your view on this way and any tips or suggestions you might have.
    Thank you. I live in western Canada, and where I live, the weather can change quickly. (Just in case this info would help in suggestions). Thanks much

    1. Hi Monica,
      Wearing a more extended top underneath is an excellent way to cover a tummy and rock the look. The shorter jacket helps create a waist as the eye goes to where it ends. Wearing the same color can be plain, so what about a print? For example, a black top with a shot under the black moto jacket and black pants. For example, any of the blouses here that are a print with black in them: I am wearing the burgundy blouse with my burgundy leather jacket here: The pattern give sit more life than a plain burgundy shirt. I hope that helps!

  2. I’ve had my Harley moto jacket hanging in my closet for a few years now…thought my time to wear it had passed. I also have a brown leather moto! I guess I just got in a rut and have slowly- and unaware- been sliding into the ‘middle-age frump’ look. Thanks for giving me a good ‘snap-out-of-it!’ shake!

    1. Hi Linda, This jacket is a clue to Spring. I just got back from Florida, and all kinds of pale, pinks, yellows, and blues are coming out. I can’t wait to dive into these fresh, feminine shades. Cheers, Deborah

  3. I love the looks. But please don’t ever call black or this look “threatening.” This stereotype translates, yes, unfortunately, to PEOPLE. (Have you watched the news lately?) Black is not threatening unless you’re already afraid.

    1. Also, I do not see the word ( threatening) used in this post. I do see; BLACK leather jacket maybe being a biker gang for some. Therefore, one can choose several other colors if the (black) moto is too much, belt, buckle, etc. And I 100% agree!

  4. I like Eddie Bauer’s Stine Leather Jacket, especially since I got it on sale late last year for under $200! I don’t live in a frigid climate, so it was the perfect choice for a nice-looking but not too heavy leather jacket that goes with my casual lifestyle. The brown was a nice deep chocolate brown – softer than black but still deep enough to go with most outfit choices.

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