Cold Shoulder Tops That Look Fantastic in Fall

Cold shoulder tops have been popular all summer, and they’re not going anywhere soon. Please take a look at these gorgeous fall styles that are flying off store shelves, and find out why they’re selling like hotcakes.

Brown Silk cold shoulder top

Cold Shoulder Tops Look Good on Everyone

Every so often, designers hit on a trend that takes off like wildfire, and cold shoulder tops are it! They’ve been a huge hit with our crowd because many gals are searching for a way to look hip and current without having to bear it all.

You may feel self-conscious about showing off your arms, your tummy, or even your chest, but most of us don’t mind flashing a little shoulder. The reason is simple; shoulders don’t get fat or flabby. In fact, shoulders hardly seem to age at all.

This gorgeous satin blouse is a great example of a cold shoulder top that will make you look youthful and modern when you pair it with black pants. The rich caramel color and satin finish are stunning, and the soft, blousy sleeves give this top a gentle, romantic feel.

Cold Shoulder Tops Make Great Transitional Tops

The beauty of cold shoulder tops is that they’re a great way to bridge the seasons. When the weather is up and down, it’s handy to have a top to wear that doesn’t look too light and summery or too heavy and fall-like either. Cold shoulder tops hit that transitional sweet spot.

This Emerald green cold shoulder top with its elegant crisscross neckline has a rich fall vibe without looking too hot, bulky, or heavy.

Maroon cold shoulder top

Cold Shoulder Tops are Sexy in a Subtle Way

Even a sporty funnel neck top is alluring when it has peek-a-boo cutouts at the shoulders. Cold shoulder tops are sexy in a subtle, classy way.


Maroon Bell Sleeve cold shoulder top

Cold Shoulder Tops Let You Express Your Creative Side

Many women over 40 have a yearning to dress more creatively, and cold shoulder tops are a way to do that. They look artsier than regular tops and allow you to express a side of yourself that you may have kept bottled up for years. This carefree bell sleeve sweater has a relaxed boho feel.

Have you fallen in love with the cold shoulder trend, or are you still on the fence?  I’m curious to know what everyone is thinking about this look and if you would ever give it a try?

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8 thoughts on “Cold Shoulder Tops That Look Fantastic in Fall

  1. Love the cold shoulder option a little skin sass that allows a bra shoulder strap support coverage – best of all strategic arm coverage. The bell sleeve is another flattering arm design. The perfect flattering design is a V neck cold shoulder bell sleeve!

  2. I tried one but if it’s hot enough to have skin showing on the shoulder, then I need to be wearing less anyway, so this trend is not for me, personally. I do like the bell sleeves though.

  3. I’ve been wearing cold shoulder tops long before they became extremely trendy. They used to be hard to find and now they’re everywhere which makes me happy! Cold shoulder tops show some of my upper arm/shoulder, but covers the part of my arm that could use some toning…perfect! I am 55, petite, have short arms, so I like the shorter sleeve or 3/4 sleeve lengths. I’m loving cold shoulder dresses also!

  4. I love the cold shoulder look. It shows just a little skin but keeps the arms covered. I can’t wear the off the shoulder tops-strapless bras are too uncomfortable. I also like the bell sleeves, they add so much interest to tops.

  5. I like them and feel like they are flattering but I’m 60 and wonder if it is a style for younger women?????

    1. Not at all Janelle. A long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve cold shoulder top would be very flattering at 60, especially a soft blouse style. That touch of skin is modern and youthful. Try one with a pair of nice pants!

  6. Okay, well, cold shoulder tops don’t suit me. I’m not going to budge on this. And bell sleeves? No, not for me. I’m sitting these fads out.