Confused About Casual Fashion For Women Over 40? Winner #3 Gets It Right!

In our “Pin It To Win It” contest we invited readers to unleash their creative side by designing polyvores of casual fashion for women over 40 that captured  Spring 2013 fashion trends.* We are counting down days until we get to the Grand Prize winner who will win a pair of fabulous Fabrizio Gianni Jeans. But for today, meet winner #3!

Winner #3 Breezy Spring Days by Barbara Gillespie

 Casual Fashion For Women Over 40
Casual Fashion For Women Over 40

Enjoy this fun, relaxed outfit you can wear on weekends when comfort and style are your main focus!

Winner Barbara Gillespie answered a common problem when she created this cute look. Readers are always asking, “What casual fashions for women over 40 will make me look modern and hip, but not too trendy?”  Well, here’s your answer.

Barbara put together a look that is casual, comfy, and right on trend.

She started with colored jeans, a great staple in any over 40 wardrobes. If you are going to buy any color this spring, then this poppy red is a great choice because it is fun and goes with a lot of other colors.

Now I know some of you have shied away from brightly colored jeans, but there is nothing to fear.  Don’t worry about looking too big or loud in red jeans. All you need to do to tone down this look and make it more wearable is to pair your jeans with one or two neutral colors. In this case, Barbara paired her poppy red, skinny jeans with a cute navy and white boat neck striped top to create a nautical-themed look.

If you’ve been reading Fabulous after 40 in the last few weeks you know we have talked a lot about bold stripes and how popular they are this spring.  Wearing stripes head to toe can make you feel the same way as wearing poppy red head to toe….overwhelmed!  Getting in on these trends can be achieved by only adding a little touch of the trend here and there.

For example, Barb paired the boat neck top ( an especially good neckline if you have wide hips, as it balances you out ) with this cute faux, blue suede motorcycle jacket. It’s something you can just throw on and run out the door and always look fab.

Graphic prints are also hot this spring and Barb picked up on that by adding this cute seagull canvas tote which makes her nautical outfit look ship shape. And of course, no sea-loving outfit would be complete without dock shoes, although sandals or ballet flats would have worked fine here too.

Thanks, Barbara for solving our casual dressing over 40 problems!

Our grand prize winner is coming up in a couple of posts. While you are waiting did you see what winners #10 and 9 put together?- Lots of brights here.

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*Please note: Contest winners were chosen based on the number of repins each collage garnered. The pins that were most popular with our Pinterest followers were the ultimate winners. Only the collages were considered during judging. Pictures of individual items were not considered.

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