Corduroy Pants: How To Wear Them Now

Did you catch my post from a couple of weeks ago when I told you about my pair of baby blue corduroy jeans from the ’70s? The ones that came out of the dryer so tight that I had to lay on the bed and wiggle the zipper up until I was stuffed into them? (Not my finest hour.)

I loved my corduroy pants – more like corduroy leggings, really – and it’s fun to see them back. In recent years, it’s been hard to find a flattering pair of cords, but that’s all changed this season. There are lots of new styles with plenty of stretch built-in. Here’s how to wear corduroy pants to look modern and classy. (Hint: It does not involve laying on your bed and wiggling the zipper.)

Black Cropped Cords Grey Sweater

Black Cropped Corduroys + Statement Sleeve Top + Loafer Mules

This is a wonderful example of how an over-40 gal can work the trends but look chic and classy. It incorporates several current trends – corduroy jeans, loafer mules, statement sleeves – but by selecting the right pieces, the overall look is 100% sophisticated. One of the reasons it works is due to the subdued color palette. The black corduroy pants and a grey sweater and bag give off a calm and grownup vibe. To keep things from being too ho-hum, I’ve thrown in just a touch of spice with these embellished loafer mules and crystal earrings that pick up on the color in the shoes. I guarantee that no one will ever accuse you of being mutton-dressed as a lamb in this outfit.

Olive Cords Black Fringe Cardigan

Slim Corduroy Jeans + Duster Cardigan + Flats

This style recipe updates skinny jeans paired with a long cardigan, one of the most popular casual looks in recent years. Here I’ve swapped out the denim for skinny corduroy pants. Although these olive green corduroy pants are billed as a boyfriend cut, they are more slim-fitting than real life.

Not only does that make them look great with this long duster-length cardigan with fringe trim, because they’re not true skinny jeans, they’re comfortable and a little forgiving. (I told you there would be no lying on the bed to stuff yourself into tight cords!) Finish it off with accessories and a pair of flats – I love the look of these animal-print D’Orsay flats with the olive corduroy pants – and you’re done.

Red Corduroy pants

Straight Leg Cords + Drapey Top + Booties

This last look is so darn cute and cozy that I’d lay bets you’ll find yourself returning to it again and again and again this fall and winter. More forgiving than skinny jeans but less baggy than boyfriends (jeans that is – not your actual boyfriend), these straight-leg burgundy corduroy pants are a great compromise between the two.

They are slim enough to balance out the volume you’ll get up top from this drapey funnel neck sweater. The overall look is chic and elegant, especially when paired with a stylish pair of booties like the tan ones I’ve chosen here. Bonus: the block heel makes these booties super comfortable and easy to walk in.

So what do you think? Are cords the new denim? Drop me a line and let me know.

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