Cute and Casual Plus Size Shorts

Want to wear shorts this summer, but not sure how to style them?  Here are a few ideas to keep you looking casual but classy in plus-size shorts.

White plus size Shorts


Trending: Frayed Shorts

You could call them the newest kids on the block. Shorts with frayed edges are popular at the moment.

Naturally, this style has a super laid-back vibe to keep them from venturing into sloppy territory. Pair your shorts with a chic flowy top and beautiful accessories. Jewelry will help balance the boho vibe, and quality sandals and a bag further upscale the look.

Plus size shorts tip: Thicker, heavier fabrics like denim covering lumps and bumps will be more flattering to wear than thin, light, silky shorts.


Classic: Bermuda Shorts

Black shorts are a great neutral. They go with any other color or print. A bright top in a pretty floral pattern keeps the focus up top and away from a heavy bottom. This asymmetrical hem on the top is particularly nice because it gives this outfit a slightly creative feel.

Plus size shorts tip: Darker colored shorts like black, navy, and brown absorb light which means they do wonders to shrink your bottom half visually.


Peach Shorts


Popular: Medium Length Shorts

These colorful coral shorts look super pretty paired with this white off-the-shoulder top. Lace-up sandals add texture and personality.

Plus size shorts tip: Large thighs can make it hard to find shorts that aren’t too tight around the leg. You may have to go up a size. Also, if your legs rub together when you walk in shorts and your skin becomes chaffed, try a product like Glide to prevent chub rub.


Plus size shorts tip: Pocket placement can affect how you look in shorts. For example, this first khaki pair with the side pockets emphasizes hips. For women concerned about that, choose shorts with no pocket or with small pocket slits.


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