Cute, Plaid Shirts with a Non-Lumberjack Vibe

If you equate plaid with masculine, flannel lumberjack shirts, then think again. There’s a whole new range of plaid shirts and tops with a pretty new twist.  Here are three cute plaid shirt outfits that are feminine and fashion-forward.

Navy plaid bell sleeve shirt with white skinny jeans

1. Romantic Plaid Shirt with Bell Sleeves

Mix a classic menswear pattern with big bell sleeves and touches of pink for a  casual, romantic vibe. You can shop in this, go out to dinner and look relaxed but current too.


Red Plaid Shirt Leather Pants

2. Sexy Wrap Style Plaid Shirt

A strong plaid print is sleek and sexy when designed as a wrap blouse. This is a blouse is traditional but doesn’t feel it because of that bold pop of red combined with the sexy plaid wrap silhouette. Red is the color of confidence and you will sure look like a boss lady wearing this stunning red plaid blouse with these leather leggings.

SHeer Black and White Plaid Top Black Skinny Jeans

3. Feminine Semi-Sheer Plaid Shirt

If you’ve never worn plaid because it looked and felt too heavy for your taste, then you may be attracted to the plaid done in semi-sheer fabric. This is an interesting twist and one that is very popular especially for gals who are looking for something a little bit different from everyone else.

This particular plaid blouse combines sheer black and white plaid fabric with lace in a very feminine way. Wear this blouse with all black to let the lightness of the top be the focus of your outfit.

Want to see more modern plaid? Check out these bloggers who are mad about plaid!


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3 thoughts on “Cute, Plaid Shirts with a Non-Lumberjack Vibe

  1. Woohoo!!! This is one old Ozark Farm Chick who is glad I found ya’ll. I just celebrated my last birthday in my fifties last week and this is one gal who can use all the help she can get.

    Ya know there ‘ain’t a one of us gettin’ any younger. I like to take my DIL, the Latin Lovin’ Hillbilly or my daughter, The Social Butterfly shoppin’ with me, they’re totally honest if I lean to datin’ myself.

    From the amazingly happy hills and holler of the Missouri Ponderosa, ya’ll have a wonderfully blessed and beautiful day now…ya hear? :o)

  2. I have enjoyed your posts on plaids. As a designer, I would offer the following suggestions:

    The problem with plaids for over-40’s has nothing to do with age, but everything to do with the woman’s figure. If you have gained that last extraneous 20 lbs., you would do well to keep contrasts in colors soft as in Cute Car Coat. Size of plaid should be small as in Glen Plaid above. Strong horizontal effects as in Painterly Plaid would be better run vertically.

    The diagonal effects in Modern Twist are a great way to camouflage figure faults and suggest that we might do well to look for garments where the plaid has been cut on the bias, a treatment that usually results in soft drape and figure hugging shapes.

    Another possibility might be to select garments made from plaids cut with slenderizing dark color panels in strategic places. For example, a princess-line dress with the sides cut in a dark solid would push the more slender shapes of a coordinating plaid forward and could actually make a women look slimmer than she is, despite wearing a plaid!

    If your figure is anything like those of the young women shown above, then wear plaids as they do, by all means! Get your colors tested by someone certified to do so, and then you only need to worry about wearing plaids in the best colors for you!