Cute Plus Size Bathing Suits That Aren’t Old Lady

What’s new and hot in plus size bathing suits? At one time, the answer was not much.

Thankfully things have changed, and boring old lady swimsuits that made you look fat and frumpy have been replaced with figure-flattering styles that complement a full-figured women’s curves. You’ll find a great selection of plus-size swimsuits at Walmart, and Amazon, and a few more I have linked below. Here’s a look at what’s trending for summer.

Floral One-Shoulder Swimsuit

One-Shoulder Swimsuits

One of the newest ways to look sexy in a swimsuit is to wear a one-shoulder style. This elegant navy blue floral one is a beautiful way to highlight your shoulders and decolletage. This cut of swimsuit makes you look subtly sexy and draws attention up to your pretty face.

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High Neck Keyhole Swimsuit

High Neck Swimsuits

Pretty swimsuits with high halter necklines are new and different. They are also a chic way to highlight your shoulders and show off your lovely neck. There’s no denying that this style of the swimsuit has some old Hollywood glam about it.

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Lace-Up Swimsuit

Lace-Up Swimsuits

If you are looking for a sexy plus size swimsuit, how about this? This gorgeous, black one-piece looks modern and edgy thanks to a touch of tribal print lacing and trim. Ethnic, tribal prints are always sexy, and the subtle print is a nice change from an animal print.

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Paisley Print Skirted Swimsuit


A swim dress has the silhouette of a minidress and the versatility of a traditional one-piece swimsuit. It is similar to a one-piece bathing suit but offers more coverage over the thighs. The loose-fitting bottoms and added coverage of the swim dress help you feel comfortable and confident in a swimsuit. It also provides extra sun protection without feeling bulky.

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Faux Wrap Colorblock Swimsuit

Colorblock Swimsuits

Colorblocked one-piece swimsuits with bands of color and a side tie add a new twist to swimwear style. This cute black and white swimsuit has a chic vibe, and the faux wrap helps to carve out a fabulous figure.

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Off-the-shoulder swimsuits were popular last year, and they are still going strong now. One of the most popular styles is the type with a romantic ruffle neckline, which works to widen your shoulders and make the rest of your body look much smaller in comparison!

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10 thoughts on “Cute Plus Size Bathing Suits That Aren’t Old Lady

  1. If I could just get up the courage to join a gym. I need to be more fit but it wont happen by summer. Just not enough time left. I know they sell some type of slimmer swimsuit at JC pennys and run about 60 bucks. I need something that helps my mid section until I can work it off by eating better and exercising.

  2. Isabel don’t swelter just do the best you can with what you’ve got. I try to wrap a really lightweight almost sheer sari around my waist over my swimsuit & pitch it off as I get closer to the water. Don’t be too paranoid most people are too busy worrying about their own figure flaws to worry about yours. I also like the sound of high-cut bikini bottoms that come up to the waist & might be just about able to get away with wearing a bikini with a bottom half like this. Enjoy your summer, ours in Australia was fairly pitiful with terrible floods & not many hot days. :)

  3. Hi Deborah,
    I always enjoy your words and stories.
    The problem that I have found with the tips and tricks to hide the belly is that they only seem to work when you are facing front. Even in the makeover programs you see that when the lady with the hidden belly turns, the buldge is still noticeable from the sides.
    I have tried diagonal stripes, rouching and eventhough you see an optical illusion when you see in the mirror, everything fades when you see your profile.
    Is there any other idea besides wearing shapewear undergarments? Because with a very humid tropical weather is almost unbearable.
    Thank you and keep up with your excellent work.

    1. Hi Isabel, Yes, you are right, if you have some extra tummy to hide it can be tricky. You could try a Miraclesuit swimsuit with tummy control, but there is way to get our tummy perfectly flat. The female body has curves. Embrace your body and a cute sarong tied at an angle or a sexy coverup that is flowy also helps!

  4. Hi Deb, Loving the swimsuit conversations. Here in Australia, the Swimdress was our most popular style last year. I think it was the retro revival and also they are very figure flattering when you don’t love your belly and want to cover that behind a little more…super cute. They essentially have 2 layers – a full piece under (with ‘power netting’…fabulous stuff!) and a ‘skirt’ over, falling from the bust. Higher cut bikini bottoms will be out in full force this coming summer.

    For those longer torsos, consider a longer line tankini…a two piece that looks like a one piece. It will give you the freedom you need and the coverage too.

    So jealous it coming into summer there. Enjoy every moment!

    1. Hi Anita,
      Great hearing from you gals over at Sequins and Sand. Can never keep up who’s summer comes first, yours or ours!! Ha!! Life is a circle!
      I was just at Norstroms last night and saw some of the new retro revival suits! LOVED them…also excited to see more styles this season with the skirts.

      Love your site!

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