Dark Floral Dresses For Fall – Here’s What’s New

When the calendar says September, but it doesn’t quite feel like fall, what can you wear to bridge the gap?  Dark floral dresses are a beautiful way to transition your wardrobe. Here’s what is new with this popular trend.

Dark Florals - Navy Wrap Dress

1. Dark Florals Are Not Always Black

When dark florals first arrived a few years back, they were moody, dark, and sad. There were a lot of black floral dresses with faded muted colored flowers, and many of them looked like they belonged in a funeral parlor.

Things have evolved, and dark floral dresses have a more festive look and feel.  Many still are black, but you will also find navy, green, purple, and burgundy. The new colors are good news for mature women because black can be draining when worn next to aging skin. Flower colors have also changed. They’ve gone from muted and dull ( like gray and pale pink) to clear and bright ( like orange and yellow). Dark floral dresses seem more vibrant and youthful.

Dark Florals - Red Wrap Dress


2. Dark Floral Dresses are More Feminine

Just as the colors of dark floral dresses have shifted, so have the styles. Shapeless dresses and sloppy grunge styles morphed into more feminine, ladylike, and figure-flattering dresses. There’s a dark floral dress to suit every kind of body type and style personality.

For example, you can get a wrap dress in one of these new dark florals, universally flattering. You’ll also find dark floral fit and flare, shift dresses, trapeze shape..you name it!

3.  Florals Have Become Bigger and Bolder

Another thing that makes dark floral dresses more exciting now is that the sizes and types of blooms are different. We see bigger-scale florals that are clean and simple instead of tiny, busy, fussy florals. These give the fall floral dresses of 2021 have a more modern, spirited look.

If you are going to buy on fall dress this year, make it a dark floral!

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