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Deconstructed Shirts – Cool or Kooky?

I almost feel like I should start today’s post on deconstructed classics by saying, “Do not adjust your set.” Today’s Fab Fall Trend is Deconstructed Classics which are wardrobe staples reimagined in a way you’ve probably never seen before, let alone even dreamed of.

classic deconstructed tops

While gals with a more artistic style personality will immediately gravitate towards this trend, the rest of us may want to tread carefully. Choose the right pieces, and deconstructed classics are a fun trend that ups your style cred instantly. Get it wrong, and you run the risk of looking like Edward Scissorhands ran amok in your closet.

Whether you think it’s wacky or wonderful, you’ll definitely be seeing a lot of this sliced-up style this fall, especially some pretty interesting deconstructed shirts.  Here are a few deconstructed tops that could work for you to help you navigate this tricky trend.

1. Layered-Look Sweatshirt

This cold shoulder sweatshirt from Trouvé has a little bit of everything going on. Statement sleeves featuring oversized bows call attention to the shoulder cutouts. This cold shoulder style is perfect for an over 40 gal who wants to show a touch of skin but still wants some coverage.



2. Solid and Plaid

Definitely on the tame end of the spectrum when it comes to the deconstructed classics trend, this sweet high-low Solid and plaid top hem top is an easy weekend or work-from-home piece to toss on with jeans or leggings. I love the cozy plaid that defines this piece as a fall trend in its own right.



3. Relaxed Meets Refined

It’s a comfy sweatshirt. No, it’s a crisp shirt. Wait! It’s both! This tie-sleeve sweatshirt gives you the best of both worlds. Aren’t the sleeves amazing? Business-like stripes meet elegant elbow ties, making them no-nonsense yet fun all at the same time.

4. Corset Blouse

This is a perfect way for women over 40 to wear a  flattering and waist-sculpting corset belt. This poplin corset blouse laces up with adjustable ties, accentuating the waist and giving you extra curves.




5. Romantic Lace

The intricate floral pattern, a satin waistband, and velvet trim of this sheer lace top give a cotton button-up a romantic touch.



6. Cold Shoulder Plus

The crisp poplin collar, bib, and wrist ties stand out against the soft brushed fleece of this mixed media cold shoulder top.

7. One Blouse, Multiple Options

This unusual fractured poplin blouse is the Swiss Army Knife of shirts. With slit shoulders and a button-off hem, you can wear this blouse multiple ways.  Keep the hem on for a classic look, or button it off for a cropped. Adjust the shoulders to show a little skin or, if you’re in the mood, a lot. Amazing, right?



What do you think of the deconstructed shirt trend? Do you think it’s cool or kooky?

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12 thoughts on “Deconstructed Shirts – Cool or Kooky?

  1. I like the #6 with the button-down and sweater. It has a preppy/sporty vibe that isn’t too flashy. I could do without the ties at the wrists. I am in my late 40s.

  2. Sorry, not for me. I’m seeing many of these weird tops on the racks already. I notice all the models are in their late teens. It’s a trend, not fashion, and that won’t last.

  3. Okay, I’ll be the minority here because I love that first deconstructed jacket! Pair it with a pair of camel pencil pants and leopard pumps, and I think it would look fabulous and classy on any aged woman. While I believe most would be best worn by the younger crowd, I also like the solid and plaid look, and I have a sweater like this in my closet! I’ll be sure to bring it out this fall! I’ll be rocking or rolling the deconstructed look this fall! Lol.

    1. Hi Donna, I also like that off-the-shoulder jacket and would definitely wear it! It’s exquisite with a touch of drama. Of course, it’s not something I’d throw on to the grocery store, but it would be pretty jaw-dropping at a special event or an evening out. Thanks for dropping by and letting me know your thoughts!

  4. They are simply awful! Please post stuff people would wear. Just because it’s out there doesn’t mean people are buying it!

  5. Most are kooky and teeny. Bopper. The nicest one is the— ack with the plaid. Would you not be caught dead in the rest of these companies pay you to put these ugly tops on? .00 for the black lace?

    1. Hi Carolyn

      Thanks for your comment, and believe me, I get that this trend is not for everyone. I admit it wasn’t my cup of tea when I first saw it. But darn if these tops didn’t keep appearing everywhere, which made me do a serious second look, and what I realized is that a) women with a more artistic, fashion-forward style personality will be more game to try it and quite possibly embrace it and; b) the rest of us can view it as a fun trend that’s not meant to be taken too seriously.

      As for the second part of your question regarding price, no company paid me to post these tops. In choosing them, I tried to have a mix of styles and options which come in at various price points.

      Your comment raises a critical point: it is always a balancing act for grown-up women to find that sweet spot in the fall trend onslaught. If we wholeheartedly embrace every trend that comes our way, there is a good chance we will look like a ‘mutton dressed as lamb.’ But if we turn our backs on anything and everything trendy, there’s a chance we could look like we’re giving up. Thanks for weighing in on this one, Carolyn!

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