3 Sexy Dresses For Dinner With Your Sweetheart

There are times when a woman wants to look extra feminine and alluring! A special date night with your honey might be that time. Here’s a look at three Knock ’em dead dresses to wear to a special Anniversary Dinner, Valentine’s Day Dinner, or even on a fancy date if you happen to be on the market for a partner.


Sweet and Pretty

If your style is sweet and romantic, then this pretty bell-sleeved dress is a darling choice. Keep the lacy look light and airy by keeping your outfit monochromatic with sparkling gold jewelry and accessories.date-night-black-dress

Slinky and Sexy

Maybe the sexy siren look is more your style? Then go for something dark and mysterious like this body-conscious knit that has peek-a-boo cutouts at the shoulders. A python clutch adds a touch of the exotic, and strappy pumps give this dress a seductive edge.


Soft and Sensuous

One of the loveliest styles to wear on a date is a wrap dress.  Wrap dresses flatter most figures because they follow a woman’s body’s curves, pumping up the breasts and creating a waistline even where there isn’t much of one. This velvet wrap is soft, relaxed, and inviting. Dangly earrings send a playful message, and these strappy heels wrap your feet in glam.

No matter what your style, all three of these dresses send a sexy message that is sure to grab the attention of your very own Mr. Big.

Comment below and tell me what you wear to Look Sexy over 40. I’d love to hear from you!


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8 thoughts on “3 Sexy Dresses For Dinner With Your Sweetheart

  1. Being married now fourteen years (14) I found myself took in a rut many times and having a date is the perfect reset. My husband loves seeing me get all dress up. I would normally go for the black dress set. its sexy yet elegant.

  2. What a wonderful website with great info. I AM OVER 40, and am very petite and it is hard to coordinate fashion ensembles for dinner, meetings,.both casual and formal.
    I needed to accessorize a long sleeved knit dress with boots…..got a chunky necklace to wear with my chunky boots….all done. no worry……

  3. Pretty outfits. I rediscovered heels and dresses after I recently lost a lot of weight. Here’s to femininity!

  4. Many women over 40 can not wear high heels due to back hip and foot issues. Feeling pain does make one look or act sexy. Many women have had to say good bye to those high fashion shoes worn in our 20’s and 30’s. Attractive, supportive shoes can be hard almost impossible to find.

    Lower heels, supportive arches and orthotics become necessities for many mature women.