Tips for Taking a Good Headshot

Are you looking for a new job? Are you active on a dating site? Have you have been passing out business cards with your photo on it from 5 years ago? (Time flies, It might be time for a new one!), What does your Facebook photo look like?

These days everyone needs a current headshot.

What you may not have realized is how much staging, strategy, and preparation needs to goes into the perfect photo.

heashot makeover

Here is one of my clients before- a pretty gal. She just needed tweaking. AFTER … I had her update her hairstyle and wear richer colors that made all the difference!

How can your headshot send  a message about yourself and your business in an authentic and professional way? That’s your homework! Feel free to call up a few friends and get their input.

What you wear in your headshot is incredibly important. Here are some things to think about:

  • Your outfit should match your brand (if you are a wealth coach, don’t have a picture of yourself on the beach with shorts and  t-shirt on)
  • The color of your outfit should match your cards and website.
  • A white background is usually the best. Going outside by a tree says amateur!
  • Be sure to have your picture re-touched. Make sure that the photographer you hire can do “re-touching”…that means they will slightly smooth out your photo so that it will look more professional. You want to make sure you still look like yourself, but just a little better.
  • Make sure to wear make-up and if possible, have it done professionally!
  • Lean forward in your headshot so ou don’t look so stiff. Practice in the mirror get the best angle.
  • Little changes go a long way!
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7 thoughts on “Tips for Taking a Good Headshot

  1. lean forward in your head shot… you won’t look so stiff (practice in a mirror and see what “angels” you look best)

    I am not sure what angels look best on me. Perhaps the “truth” angel on my shoulder whispering spellcheck does not always work.

    Did love the piece. Thanks

    1. Hi Betsy,
      YES!!! Great tip! Leaning forward can feel very awkward, while shooting but the effect is that you will look friendly and approachable. I do it all the time in my headshots!!

  2. Hi Julia,
    Nice to meet you and you must have a lot of fans out there that recognize you!! I hope you don’t feel like I’m calling you out on this.. just using it as an example!
    Thanks for clarifying!

  3. Thanks for including my photo from the 2009 Frugal Festival ( The funny thing is about that picture is that the woman taking it was not just “a friend,” she was a reporter for the LA Times! But I agree, having a professional take your photo makes all the difference.

    aka Bargain Babe

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