Does This Hairstyle Date The Mother of the Groom?

mother- of the groom
Does Kim’s hairstyle date her?

Of all the times you want to look fab, the day of your son’s wedding is one of them. As a mother of the groom, you want to find the perfect dress, shoes, jewelry, and hairstyle too.

Here’s an email from one of my readers, Kim, who wanted to know how to look modern and pretty on this special day.

Fabulous After 40 hair expert Chris Maclachlan has some great suggestions for her.

Dear Chris,

My son is getting married soon, and I want to look my best for the occasion.

I’ve had this hairstyle for about five years. Before that, the length went up and down, but other than that, it pretty much stayed the same style for about 10 – 15 yrs.

I’d like to know if this hairstyle still looks okay, or should I change it? Does it age me?

Here are a couple of things you probably should know. I have very thick, dry, coarse hair. I wouldn’t say I like using styling products other than hair spray.

Thank you and Blessings, Kim

Kate Capshaw
This hairstyle with long layers is more modern.

Hi Kim,

Congratulations on your son’s marriage!

My first thought is that your hairstyle is a bit dated. The reason is the short layers on the top, the whispy short bangs, and the feathery-ness on the sides.

I would try to grow the top out, make the bangs heavier and bring the overall length up a little like in this photo of Kate Capshaw.

You have a nice long neck, I like your color, and thick hair is always an asset even though it requires a bit of work. You said you don’t want products, but I would add  a smoothing cream (not mousse or gel.)  Aveda Hang Strait or Redken Align are both excellent and lightweight.

Apply a little before you blow-dry, and you can also use touch to smooth it after it’s dry. I would increase the length and try to grow the top to a style like this.

Hair grows an average of half an inch a month, so I think you will be looking at about six months or so to get the top long enough.

The best way to grow your hair out is simple. Stop cutting it !!!

I can’t tell you how many of my clients I have sent home with just a blow-dry and this advice. You can’t cut it at all, but try to go as long as you can between trims and make sure you have a hairstylist you trust who understands your goals.

Have fun at the wedding! I’m sure you will make a beautiful mother to the groom!

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