Does Your Hair Age You?

A few readers have mentioned that their unruly gray hair is making them look old, so I turned this problem over to  The Makeover Guy, Christopher Hopkins! Here is what he said.

Hi There, I am currently tackling this problem myself. (I am irritated that my grays are not as smooth as my regular brown).

What I’m doing with clients is taking medium hair and going back to the curling iron, so they get the Eva Longoria look. Also…the blonde on Desperate Housewives is sometimes straight sometimes curled…and that is a very relate-able current look for women over 40.

Long hair is iffy. This is not what women want to hear, but it is true. Once hair is past the clavicles if your face isn’t young-looking and your hair isn’t luxurious it is often just not flattering. But extensions do help, and can make over 40 hair look a little less over 40.

Staging Your Comeback Christopher HopkinsThe problem is the texture. Texture changes (as does face/weight/body proportions) and just blow and go hair isn’t as easy as it once was. You kind of have to create the illusion of ‘blow and go’ with products that have protein in them (to strengthen the hair).

Another a reason shorter hair tends to work better is because it not only looks like you didn’t have to work so hard, but it still looks good later in the day.

If it is longer, make sure it’s shiny. (Using the curling iron, flat iron, etc. helps)  It can look sort of Farrah if you don’t’ start curling at the base first and click the hair through, rather than pulling the curling iron to the ends and wrapping it up.

Thanks, Christopher, for your expert advice. Ladies, if you haven’t bought it yet, check out his book, Staging Your Comeback

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12 thoughts on “Does Your Hair Age You?

  1. Aging Your Comeback is a great book! It’s not a must to cut your hair off at 40. Now that would stink if it was. I love my long black locks and don’t plan on cutting them off any time soon.

    1. I’ve stubbornly kept my hair long, and I’m in my late 60’s. I don’t plan on cutting it short, nor do I think that it’s anybody’s business but my own how I wear it.

  2. Staging Your Comeback is a great book! It’s not a must to cut your hair off at 40. Now that would stink if it was. I love my long black locks and don’t plan on cutting them off any time soon. I have finally put some layers in and it actually gives my hair way more body.

    Any how just my deal and I say enjoy long hair if you can pull it off until in thins then you have to cut it.

  3. How thrilling…the author himself! Loved your recent Facebook posts…”The Power of Pretty” series was amazing!! Also really cherish your book.

    I know I should cut my hair…(sigh). But that “mandatory” short haircut at 40 was so unflattering. Really only pretty faces look good with shorter hair. Like the models in your book. And I do not have a pretty face, and the long, layered, blond hair detracts from that!??

    Looking forward to your next book…a section on ‘ideal stance’ and ‘leg positioning’ sounds intriguing. This old tomboy has always wanted to learn how to act like a lady!

  4. I cut all my hair off at 40…because I felt I ‘should’. At 50, felt “what the heck” and grew it to mid-back length. Very easy to blow out (round brush). The minute it begins looking thin or straggly, will definately cut it all off to donate.

  5. Love the picture. That’s how our mom’s use to do their hair right?
    Mid length hair is easiest to keep up and looks so good on the over 40

    1. Hi Delilah,
      LOL…thanks I thought it was cute too!!! Just for the record, I have seen some over 40 women with long hair that really can pull it off, but for most, it just drags down their face or looks very outdated and matronly.
      I agree that for most over 40 women, mid length is about as long as it should go after 40!
      Great to hear from you!

    1. Hi Beth,
      LOL.. love your comment… really all this fashion stuff is just for fun…. no need to stress about it!
      Just good to know about, and keep us feeling creative and festive!!

  6. Yes, long hair tends to drag down my face. That’s one reason I cut it off. Right now my hair is longer, cause I’ve been too busy to get to the salon. And as we age, our hair tends to get thinner. Shorter hair can be curled and look like it has some body.

    1. Hi Sher,
      Yes, we all tend to put ourselves last on the “to do” list! However one more idea… I like to use the straighter these days..rather than a curler..Its so much more chic!!!

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