Are You Dressing Your Truth?

Have you ever felt that the latest styles and trends don’t work for you?

Do you keep spending money on clothes and accessories, yet still feel like you have nothing to wear?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, don’t feel bad—you’re not alone. Today’s current fashion system simply doesn’t provide women with the tools and self-awareness we need to look and feel beautiful. Instead, we’re led to believe that the current styles and trends should look good on every woman, and the simple truth is they don’t.

I recently found a new program that is an excellent tool for discovering the style of clothes you need to wear to express the true you. It’s called:

true personal style
Carol Tuttle, author of Dressing Your Truth

Carol Tuttle’s: Dressing Your Truth Quiz

The book and online course are based on Carol’s breakthrough Beauty Profiling™ system that identifies four main “Types” of women based on their physical features, personality, and psychological profiles.

The profiling process helps “awaken women to their inner truth, thus enabling them to express the true nature of who they are – bringing a deeper understanding of their true personal style and a more authentic sense of their own beauty.”


Here is the Beginner’s Guide

Dressing Your Truth


The Dressing Your Truth makes it easy to jump right in!  So I asked my beauty editor Sheila Hill, who was dying to test out this system to take it for a spin. Here’s Sheila’s review.

Step 1  – Determine Your Type of Beauty.

The first step in this course is to pinpoint your unique type of beauty. Carol Tuttle says her revolutionary Beauty Profiling system provides a new way of looking at yourself and seeing yourself for who you truly are. I found that exciting.

I quickly discovered that there are four different beauty types. Carol went into great detail about each one which made it easy to accurately determine my true type. However, if I’m honest, I must admit I initially felt a little panicky about being able to do this on my own without an image professional by my side.

After being introduced to these types, I felt like I was a little bit of each. I had a hard time getting myself to want to commit to being one type or another. But then, as I began to read Carol’s book “Discover Your Type of Beauty” which is sent to you at the start  the course, I soon realized it was in my best interest to assign myself a specific type.

Carol does say that we all have a little of each type in us, but we are dominantly one type, so I see now why I did have a bit of a hard time deciding.

The four Types are:

Type 1: The Bright, Animated Woman (think Ellen DeGeneres)

Type 2: The Subtle, Soft Woman (think Julia Roberts)

Type 3: The Rich, Dynamic Woman (think Michelle Obama)

Type 4: The Bold, Striking Woman (think Demi Moore)

I finally settled on type 3. What does that mean exactly?

Well, Carol goes into detail about this in the book, but a few of the high-level takeaways that I learned are:

  • I am a very results-driven woman. I take action swiftly to make things happen and create a result.
  • I am a “Ready-Aim-Fire” person and can change focus quickly, but I always come back to unfinished tasks.
  • Type 3s are often called “intense” and “pushy.” Carol encourages us to embrace all the traits of our type and to use them to our advantage rather than see them as flaws. When a situation calls for someone who is a bit more aggressive and results-oriented, Type 3 women are your go-to gals.
  • Because Type 3s are so focused and often over commit, we become burned out by the many things we have going on at any one time.

I found it fascinating that Carol nailed so many of the personality aspects of the specific Types. She knows what she’s talking about, and I immediately placed trust in her to guide me on my path of discovering my true and natural beauty.

Once I  identified my  Type, it was time to take an online course at to help me learn how to personalize my style to what truly suited me.

Step 2  The Online Course Begins

The online course is broken down into a series of videos and quizzes featuring Carol. My course had 22 different videos and quizzes. I was able to view these at my own pace and found that viewing about five each day was helpful to me.

The Dressing Your Truth video course teaches you the types of clothing, makeup, hairstyles, hair colors, and jewelry that is best for you. Carol details colors, angles, and styles that you should be wearing which is really helpful.

I learned what the best jackets and blazers were for me regarding cut and color.  She also recommended which fabrics and textures were best for my type.

yellow statement necklace

Bold, vibrant colors are best for Type 3 personalities

And of course, what’s an outfit without accessories? Carol shared the best choices in jewelry for my type, whether it was a statement necklace or the understated elegance of a simple necklace.

The same with my hair. Carol made recommendations for colors and cuts, the types of highlights I should have, and the length of my hair.  Of course, in Carol’s system, all these are based on your dominant personality traits. I like to go more by the shape of my face, the texture of my hair, and my lifestyle when choosing a hairstyle, so this was not an area I focused on too much.

Step 3 Transform Yourself

Once I learned the basic elements to discover my beauty and transform my look, the next step was to move forward and do it. The online course showed four examples of real-life transformations that were mind-blowing. I love before and after pictures. These transformations were some of the best before/after shots I’ve seen.

I found Dressing Your Truth to unique, very interesting and really valuable. Her book is very different from an ordinary fashion book.  It’s more focused on what your structural features say about you.

What a great tool for those of us who feel like we need to dress more authentically. I’m giving it a thumbs up!!

*This is a Fabulous After 40 Sponsored Post. All opinions are my own.

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3 thoughts on “Are You Dressing Your Truth?

  1. Hopefully, there’s room for each of us to express all of these different sides of our truth. Depending on the mood or situation, I can see myself embracing each of the styles at one time or another.

    1. Hi Nancy,
      After reading her book, I think she does have a point that once you find what style is mostly you, it really helps if you embrace it and try to keep it consistent when you are shopping. One thing I find challenging is keeping my look or style consistent when having to dress down. Also, one of the BIGGEST thing I feel women need to take in account when they pick a style is your hair style. If you have a short spikey style and dress in a “romanic” soft flowing way, you are sending mix messages. OR if you have a preppy hair style and try to dress in leather and or too romantic you just won’t feel right.

  2. On this topic, I can also highly recommend Alyce Parsons’ books on Universal Style. The most recent book is “StyleSource: The Power of the Seven Universal Styles
    for Women and Men (2008).” It includes assessment tools so you can figure out your own style, as well as many illustrations of each style.