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Fabulous after 40 for a Professional Business Headshot

Lucy Before

Dear Deborah,

I’ve decided that if I ever wanted to take my business to the next level, I have to jump in and get some new headshots (one conservative/professional and the other more casual and friendly) for my new website.  I need some direction on how to best portray myself and my image out there in the business world. I’m relying on you for your professional expertise.

Thanks, Lucy.

I consulted with Lucy for her professional headshot and here are some of the suggestions I had for her:

Lucy’s New Professional Headshot

Since Lucy is a bankruptcy lawyer in a conservative town In Texas and works with a lot of older people it is important she dresses conservatively with a lot of authority.

I suggested she wear a jacket ( adds instant authority) in navy blue ( which projects professionalism and trustworthiness) and a bright colored shell top underneath tho show a little femininity and personality. Red was a great choice because it sends a message of power. With just a touch of red showing, it also created that bit of excitement to her overall serious look.

As for jewelry, I suggested she wear simple, classic bold jewelry such as this chain necklace in gold. Gold sends an executive signal ( think gold watch) and complemented her skin, hair and eye tones which were on the warm side.

Lucy’s hair was brown with blonde highlights. I thought she would look more powerful with rich deeper auburn hair and suggested she

Lucy’s Casual Headshot

darken things a touch, which she did. I also stressed the importance of having her make-up professionally done.

Finally,  I gave her many pointers on how to warm up and pose for the camera, so she felt confident and relaxed. Here is the result.

Lucy wrote to me and said: “I just wanted to thank you for all your great suggestions and tips on how to make the most of the professional head shots.  I tried to incorporate all your suggestions and yesterday finished my first of two photo sessions.  I even managed to find a Theory jacket in my size on the way to the shoot!  Nothing like waiting until the last-minute.  I did get a professional make-up artist who did her magic on me.  From the pictures I was able to view while we were in progress, I was just amazed!

Thanks again and keep up the good work!”

PS–I love your blog and always looks forward to new postings!”

Lucy – Over 50 “Fabulous after 40” Reader


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5 thoughts on “Fabulous after 40 for a Professional Business Headshot

  1. WOW -what a transformation.
    Now I must do something similar – I too have a photo I took on my phone for my LinkedIn profile.
    Great blog post, thank you.

  2. Hello, Could you please do a piece on how to pose for photos – casual, family snaps, holiday, especially to hide bulge and fat arms and double chins etc. I am the first to run away from in front of a camera, taking them is fine. Sometimes I would like to be seen in photos so I can say I was there. Especially the way I try to hold my face when photo taken, turns out with more double chins and looks like I am constipated with put on smile.

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