3 Ways to Style a Rust Midi Dress for Fall

You know that feeling when the fall clothes start to arrive, and you see something that makes your heart jump? Three dresses did it for me, and it’s all because they are rust.

A gorgeous burnt orange version of rust is trending, and it is so rich, warm, and delicious that I can hardly wait for September to get here. Please look at these rust midi dresses that will bring a glow to your fall wardrobe and discover what else is new about them.

Rust Tie Seater Midi Dress

Rust Ribbed Knit Midi

This gorgeous knit dress in this warm and cozy rust shade called nutmeg is such a stunner! Why?

The Square Neckline:  We’ve seen many turtleneck sweater dresses and round neck knit dresses, but the square neckline is so different and sexy. It elongates your neck, widens your chest, and looks so very modern! Square necklines are just starting to get popular, and the fastest way to look stylish is to get ahead of the trend, so go for it, girl!

The Ribbing: I adore the ribbing. This dress is sleek and elegant, but it wouldn’t be as exciting without that ribbing that creates a beautiful but fine texture (which is more elegant than a chunky texture). Also,  the vertical lines are very slimming too. They pull the eye up and down your body making you look slimmer.

The Maxi Length: This length is so exciting to see for us grown-up gals. The length is perfect (not so long that it looks dowdy), and when you wear this dress with boots in a similar shade, you get a really hip, cool look.

Don’t worry about matching the boots to the exact color of the dress. You never will, and it wouldn’t look right either. Just a shade or two darker is fine. Too much of a contrast, and you lose that nice, long, lean line because the color difference breaks things up. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear black boots with this rust dress, but you won’t look tall and slim. Besides, the monochromatic look is going strong this fall so choose a close boot in color to rust.

The Accessories: I am so sick of black and gray that I am happy to see brighter accessories emerging in colors that complement the rich orange and rust tones we see. This golden-yellow bag, for example, is so sophisticated and beautiful with rust. Sure, it’s always good to have a black purse on hand, but this yellow-gold color is modern. I encourage you to give it a try.


Rust Spotted Midi


Animal Print Midi

Here’s another gorgeous rust dress that has even more of that burnt orange glow to it. What do I love about it?

The Leopard Print: You are going to notice a lot of animal prints out there this fall. In fact, so much that you will probably be sick of animal prints at the end of the winter. But in the meantime, you really should get yourself something with animal print if you want to look stylish and youthful. I’m gravitating to something like this, which is a more refined version of the typical leopard print that is everywhere. You kind of look twice before you recognize it as a leopard print. It’s classy but feisty.

The Comfy Style: This pretty throw-over-your-head dress looks com.t? It has a relaxed look and feels because of its long, flowy length and bohemian-like style. But it doesn’t look sloppy. I love the wrap front, which highlights the bust and defines the waist without looking tight. And those 3/4 length bat sleeves are practical and beautiful!

The Detail: Did you notice the buttons up the front? They’re a small detail, but they add a ton of style.

The Accessories: Many gals have been asking me what to wear on my feet with these midis. Not everyone wants to wear heels, and flat shoes can look and feel frumpy. Booties are the new thing to wear with midis. I’m the first to admit they feel a little strange the first time you wear them with midi, but they really do look modern, and of course, they are comfy. Try them and see what you think.

Rust Dress - Polka DotsPolka Dot Midi

What a dress, and what a stunning shade of rust! You can see this rust is more of warm rust, where rust is at this fall. What else makes this dress a knockout?

The Dots: Of course, polka dots have been trending, but you don’t usually see white dots on new rust. They are usually in black or navy. Also, dots on dressy clothes is getting popular. We mostly think of dots for more casual or even work clothes, but now they cross over.

The Fabric: If there is one thing I have noticed, there are many silky, slip-dress-type skirts and dresses for fall. This slinky, satiny dress is a perfect example. It just means that you will need some good shapewear underneath to take care of any lumps and bumps. Don’t be afraid to try something sleek and slinky like this. Shapewear really works.

The Asymmetrical Hem: This is another trend that is on the rise this fall. Dresses, skirts, and tops with off-kilter hemlines are becoming commonplace. More and more gals are becoming used to them, and personally, I like the look.  Slightly slanted seems modern and artistic.

So there’s a look at some of the latest trends, including this gorgeous rust color. Rust is warm; rust is friendly; rust is cozy and inviting. You can wear it with so many other colors this fall. Stay tuned for which ones when I bring you a look at all the Pantone Colors for Fall in my Fall Colors Post that comes out in a couple of days!


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