Beautiful Ways to Wear Blue This Fall

Every fall a new blue emerges, and this year it is Nebulas blue.  Pantone, the world leader in color, describes Nebulas Blue as “reminiscent of twilight, a thoughtful, starry-eyed blue.”  That’s a pretty good description since the word nebulas is actually the original term for galaxy, and today means an interstellar cloud of dust and gases.

nebulas blue

Nebulas Blue is bright and glowing and has a modern space age feel. It’s certainly a change from traditional fall blues like navy and midnight blue and feels a little more like spring. Never-the-less it is fresh and exciting and looks fabulous paired with all the other interesting new fall shades below.


Take a look at some of the new pieces out there and discover some good reasons to try this stunning deep space color.

blue wool coat

Wear Nebulas Blue to Convey Trust

Did you know that blue is the color of stability, calmness, and trust? This makes Nebulas Blue a great color for work or any situation where you want to show authority or lead. This peaked lapel blue wool coat in Nebulas Blue is warm but commanding.

blue wrap dress

Brighten Your Face

If you have blue eyes, this bright, almost electric blue will make your eyes pop (so to speak). This twisted waist dress is feminine and pretty no matter what your coloring,  but wearing this blue when you have blue eyes, will make you look like a knockout.

blue halter gown in Nebulas Blue | Beautiful Ways to Wear Blue This Fall | styled by Fabulous After 40 | Deborah Boland

Stand Out

Since this color is so different and bold, it is a great choice to wear for a special event like a cocktail party or if you are Mother of the Bride. Here is a gorgeous high neck ballgown in this stunning shade. It’s blue, so conservative, but the space age shade makes it take center stage. I predict this galaxy blue will be big for party wear. It’s out of this world!

Blue Suede Mules styled with dress

Look Youthful

You can always wear navy or some other dark fall shade, but when you wear a new and fashion forward color, you look more modern and youthful. If you are shy about trying out Nebulas Blue, then even a touch of it will update your look. For example, you could choose a gorgeous Nebulas Blue shoe, scarf or bag!


Nebulas Blue - Top

Transition into Fall

The easiest way to wear Nebulas Blue is with jeans. It’s the perfect fall transition outfit. This darling Nebulas Blue top paired with a Martini Olive bag is one of the newest color combinations for fall and very easy to wear anywhere, anytime. Take a chance on this new shade and blast off to a stylish way of dressing this fall!

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