Update Your Fall Work Wardrobe With These 3 Things

Need a few ideas for how to update your corporate wardrobe? Here are three popular fall trends and how to put them to work in your office.
Work Dress Navy


1. Funnel Neck Dresses

You can’t go wrong wearing a sheath dress to work, especially this fall when everyone’s favorite dress gets a modern makeover.  Funnel necks are the new cool detail that makes a sheath dress like this one look modern and even a little space age.

This simple, but elegant dress commands attention and the Navy oozes trust and credibility. Pair it with nude suede pumps to add some texture and create the illusion of longer legs (match shoes to your skin tone).

A structured purse looks sleek and sophisticated, and some lovely jewelry adds personality and femininity.    Work Day Pencil Skirt

2. Wrap Pencil Skirts

Professional women have long loved pencil skirts because they communicate confidence and show off a woman’s feminine figures. For Fall 2016, pencil skirts with asymmetrical front wraps are popular because they bring a slightly artistic edge to an everyday corporate wardrobe staple.

Try pairing your pencil skirt with a  fall floral blouse and chunky heeled suede pumps. A luxe leather handbag finishes off the executive look.     Work Day Pattern Dress


3. Pattern Blocked Dresses

Depending on where you work, bright colors can be too loud for the business environment. This is particularly the case in more traditional fields like law or finance. So how do you inject some interest in your outfit when you are wearing neutrals? Pattern blocking is one way.

This black, gray and cream dress reads conservative and appropriate, but it actually is quite interesting to look at.  A variety of patterns turned different ways adds excitement and creates lines that help carve out a svelte figure. When you have a busy dress like this, keep your accessories simple and dark, so the dress takes the spotlight.

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5 thoughts on “Update Your Fall Work Wardrobe With These 3 Things

  1. Due to a shoulder problem, I can no longer wear shoulder or arm bags and have to use a backpack to work. Of course, it should be a stylish and age appropriate backpack: I do not want to look like a schoolgirl or tourist. And that is my problem: what makes a backpack (that should still be comfortable, with not to small shoulder straps) look lady-like, what should I look for, and where to find it? Can you give me advise, or perhaps have a topic on this? I think many 40+ women experience some problems with shoulders, back, or joints and would enjoy tips for comfortable yet stylish bags!

    1. Hi Claire, Wow this must be a big problem because I just checked and even Gucci and YSL have backpacks lol! See here: My best advice would be to find a backpack that looks more like a purse than a backpack and interestingly enough I found this one: It is the Small Kita Convertible Leather Backpack by Allsaints. You would swear it was a purse.
      It’s quite feminine as is this one by Rebecca Minkoff: I like these because they don’t have that big, heavy touristy look. They are smaller with a purse like shape and some really nice detail. I wouldn’t hesitate to try something like this for work. They look quite professional and a great way to avoid arm and shoulder pain!

  2. Chris, I couldn’t agree more and have written about this on a number of occassions. The reason I use pictures of twenty-something models is because I can’t find pictures of forty-something and beyond models, wearing great clothes!

    Retailers need to wake up!

  3. I like the suggestions, but why the twenty something model? We are still wonderful and beautiful over forty…let’s keep it consistently real on this site.