Ease into Fall With Dark Florals

When the calendar says September but it doesn’t quite feel like fall, what can you wear to bridge the gap?  Dark florals are a good way to transition your wardrobe.  Here’s what to look for and how to wear dark florals this fall.

Dark Florals - Navy Wrap Dress



  1.  There’s more to Dark Florals than Black
  • Choose a bright floral against a black, inky navy, purple background, burgundy or dark green background.


  • Navy is becoming a popular background color, which is great because navy is less harsh against aging skin than black.


  • It helps to have the right coloring when wearing dark florals.  If you have light hair or fair skin and think that dark florals might be overpowering then:
    • Choose a dark floral dress with a V or scoop neck to expose more skin at your neckline and not make it so dark around your face.
    • Wear a pretty necklace to create more light and shine by your face.
    • Wear a dark floral on your bottom half only; a skirt, for example.
    • Find a floral print that is brighter and more powerful than the dark background it is on. ie: Bright yellow flowers on a navy background.


Dark Florals - Green Top




  • Dark florals often have a nostalgic and romantic feel to them.
  • Some very dark florals can add a feminine, but slightly rebellious touch to jeans.

Dark Florals - Clutch bag


  • A little dark floral in the way of an accessory such as a clutch can add a pretty dose of femininity.


I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you think dark florals are glam or too gloomy for your taste? Have you worn them? How and where?

Dark floral prints are one of those love it or hate it kind of looks.  If it appeals to you, I  have plenty of style tips on how to wear winter florals that you’ll want to check out.


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2 thoughts on “Ease into Fall With Dark Florals

  1. The navy or black dress in your winter florals or dress florals with light blue flowers on it, where can I buy that one? Love this!