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Fashion Adventures At Any Age

Most fashion bloggers take you on a journey, posting weekly photos of their style. Beata B. takes you on an adventure!

Beata is the founder of  Fashion Adventures At Any Age, a 40+ style blog that’s exciting, a little risky and a lot of fun!

Beata black leather - risky and a lot of fun


Beata thrives on experimenting with clothes. I’ve been following her for a while now, and I always enjoy popping to see what she’s wearing that day. She always looks classy, confident, (and super cool), and she isn’t afraid to try out the latest trends.

When I dug a little deeper, I discovered that Beata is a Londoner. She’s also a happy wife and mum to two beautiful children. She says, ” I love fashion, design and all creative things. I think fashion should be fun, and I enjoy the challenge of incorporating current fashion themes into my outfits.”  I got the chance to chat with Beata about her style and what makes her a Fabulous After 40 Styleblazer.

Deborah BolandDeb: You have a real talent for mixing classy and edgy. What’s the key is to pulling off this combination?

Beata: Hmm, this is not an easy question, but I feel that it all comes from confidence in your own style. I think it’s important to pick clothes that suit your shape but also to be discerning when it comes to trends, as they come and go. I personally like to stick to classy cuts and styles and then add trendy touches, be it in a form of a pattern, a scarf, or texture. This is what makes the outfit “current”  while still, above all, classy.

Color-Block-Top - classy cuts and styles

Bold Color Block

Colorblocking combines 2 or more bold chunks of color giving a hip, graphic effect. Beata pairs a vibrant two-tone top with wide leg trousers and high heels for a stunning look.

Deb: Who and what has influenced you in terms of your personal style?

Beata: To a large degree my style is influenced by the city where I live. London is so trendy, and the street style here is very inspirational because individualism is key to being a London fashionista! I also love magazines where I pick up a lot of my influences, not to forget my fabulous fellow bloggers who always inspire me with their own interpretation of trends and fashion themes!

Beata-Fashion Adventures At Any Age - poncho

Pretty Poncho

A poncho is a great way to add drama to your casual style. Beata looks fab in this luxurious belted poncho.

Beata- Fashion adventures at any age -leather-jacket - casual style
leather jacket

Biker Chic

From colored to printed to textured, jeans have evolved over the years.  Beata wears fashion’s latest craze – coated (waxed denim) jeans paired with a graphic tee and a leather jacket.

Deb: Have you always been a fashionista?

Beata: Definitely! Even as a young woman I always experimented with fashion, made my own clothes and those for my daughter. I always tried to be original and not follow trends rigidly but put my own unique spin on them.

Beata-Fashion Adventures At any age- Color-Splash - coated (waxed denim) jeans

Splash of Color

Beata goes monochromatic in this rich shades of burgundy. This outfit is one of Beata’s all time fall favorites. It’s dressy, yet cozy.

Deb: Who are your role models?

Beata: Strong women inspire me. Of course as many other women my ultimate icon is Coco Chanel for her effortless chic and revolutionary, masculine take on fashion. I adore women who are true to their own style but are also brave and open to trying new things.

Beata- Fashion Adventures-Plaid-Leggings - chunky knit sweater

Fun, Printed Leggings

When Beata says she likes experimental fashion, she isn’t kidding. These printed leggings are quite unusual and add some fun to her outfit.

Deb: Biggest mistake you see women over 40 making when it comes to dressing?

Beata: I think it’s trying to dress “age appropriate”. It is, of course, important to be intelligent when it comes to dressing as there will always be some trends that are just not right for everyone, but this should be based on your body shape and not age. I’ve always been quite brave when it comes to fashion and with the start of my blog and the wonderful support I’ve had, I’ve become more confident in my conviction that if done right there is nothing a woman over 40 cannot wear!

Beata-Fashion Adventures -Metallic purse - lace top

Mixing In Metallics

Metallics are considered a neutral and work with everything. This bronze bag looks right at home with black leggings, a black lace top, brown woolen jacket and edgy boots.

Deborah: What’s the one item in your wardrobe you can’t live without?

Beata: Everything hahaha! I could not live without my wardrobe full stop. But to be honest, I am a shoe fanatic and could not live without short black boots – they are so versatile and perfect for any look!

Deb: Thanks Beata for taking the time to chat about your fabulous style. I look forwards to your next fashion adventure!!

Be sure to check out Beata’s Blog:  Fashion Adventures at Any Age.

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  2. Wow I love all what you wear cause it suits you well you remind me of myself Keep it up we must enjoy every sec of our life …..cause it is too shot

  3. Beata doesn’t only have fabulous taste and style but she is also the most warm-hearted woman I know! I had the utmost pleasure to meet her again (and her wonderful daughter) just a couple of days ago in London. This is one of the best things as a blogger: meeting (virtually or IRL) fantastic women all over the world!

    Annette | Lady of Style

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