Fall Update for Petite Fashionistas

It takes a bit of work to figure out the fall trends and decide which ones are right for you. When you’re short and small, you’ve got the extra challenge of finding something that fits right too! So, to help you out, here’s a look at some petite fall styles that have been styled just for you.


Green Sweaterdress

Here’s a gorgeous dress that’s a great choice for Petites for a couple of reasons. First, this stunning Evergreen shade is the most popular new fall color. It’s dark, like black, so it’s slimming, which helps make you look taller. Plus, the cut of the dress follows your curves. There’s no extra bulk to drown your small frame.

Wear this dress with tall riding boots and a plaid scarf. Add a small bucket bag to balance things out, and you have a warm, cozy fall look that’s smart and sophisticated.


Romantic Ruffles

Ruffles have been trending this fall and are a  great way to inject some softness and femininity into your wardrobe. Large ruffles can overpower Petites, and dainty-colored ruffles (such as pink) can make a mature petite woman look too junior.

The solution is like this: a tailored coat in a deep, rich shade with a modest ruffle. The streamlined cut and the dark burgundy color help balance out the ruffle’s sweetness, so you still get a pretty feminine feel, but you don’t look like a little girl.

This is a great everyday coat over jeans and a pretty blouse. Suede booties with chunky heels help add some height and accentuate the nice long, lean lines of this coat.


Statement Sweater

Chunky Knits, especially turtlenecks, are trending this fall, and this rust-colored one is a beauty. Maybe you’ve heard that if you are petite, you shouldn’t wear tops longer than your hipbone, or your legs will look short. There’s always an exception, and this sweater is it.

This is a petite-sized sweater, so it is cut to fit your tiny figure, and see the slit? Even though the top is longer, it still shows a lot of your leg because of the slit. This optical illusion makes your legs look longer than they are. This is a great look to go with suede booties and a fringe bag. It’s casual but classy- a great weekend look!

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11 thoughts on “Fall Update for Petite Fashionistas

  1. Are we to wear the sweater dress and boots with no leggings even if we are Lilly white? ? I realize it is certainly an option, but is it more “in style” to go bare?

    1. Hi Lori,
      You can certainly wear a sweater dress with tights, no problem. In fact, I wouldn’t wear one with bare legs. Because of their weight, knits look much better with something on the legs and especially if you have lily white legs ( like me too!).

  2. Thanks for the petite advice on dressing for Fall. I enjoy fashion a lot so try to stay current looking and these ideas are perfect!

  3. I am petite and always wear shirts longer than my hip bone. I often wear leggings or skinny pants and have always followed the advice that I need to make sure my bottom is covered. So do I not wear leggings or skinny pants anymore?

    1. Hi Connie, I can only give guidelines as there are so many factors that come into play when choosing the right tops for pants and leggings for your individual body type. When you are petite you generally don’t want a top that is too long or you will look swamped and your legs will look short and stumpy. However, with thin leggings, you do really need to cover your bottom/crotch. I would suggest with leggings you wear a top that covers your bottom. Instead of wearing one that comes down to mid-thigh, perhaps try to find one that just covers your bottom + a touch more. It also really helps to wear petite sizes because these are specially constructed with the right proportions to flatter your petite frame. With heavy jeans, you can go with a shorter top because jeans are more like pants. They are heavier and don’t reveal everything so you are fine to wear them with a top that hits just below the hipbone if you like. I hope that has given you a clearer picture of your options!

  4. Thank you for that post. It’s not always easy to dress when you’re petite and to find the right clothes.
    Do you know brands or web store that design special collections for Petites.

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