Holiday Gift Guide: Gorgeous Beauty Gifts!

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the gift of pampering. So, if you’re wracking your brain to determine what to buy your mom, your daughter, a gal pal, or yourself, you will love these self-care gifts.

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1. Ancient Greek Remedy Foot Organic Balm –  Are your feet dry and cracked? Olive oil has been used since ancient Greek times to keep skin super hydrated, soft, and smooth, and now you can reap the benefits, too. This thick, intensive repair cream for dry feet has olive oil, sweet almond oil, and many other fabulous natural ingredients to make your feet feel pampered and look beautiful. I use this all the time, and it works. It’s much better than just slathering on Vaseline! 

2. Superfood Detox Clay Face Mask – I love a good mud mask to remove pollutants and impurities, but most leave my face feeling as tight as a bad facelift. This one is hydrating, so it doesn’t make your skin dry and taught.  I call it a green smoothie for your face because it has lots of great stuff, including avocado, spirulina, aloe vera, blueberries, and tea tree. Let your face drink it up!

3. Rotating Makeup Organizer –  I like to switch between so many beauty products that finding the one I need at just the moment I need it can be a nightmare. Enter this handy rotating beauty product organizer. It’s a lightweight 2-tier organizer with gold touches and a retro glam vibe that looks pretty fabulous, considering it’s plastic! All you do is fill and spin; everything is right there at your fingertips. No more pulling your hair out trying to find that cream or lotion that always seems to disappear!

4. Snail Mucin Repairing Essence – Amazon has been blowing up over this wonder serum made from mucin -the excretion left by snails as they shimmy along the ground. It sounds gross, but does it work? Surprisingly yes! The hype is real. I just tried it and have already ordered my second bottle. Don’t worry, it’s not icky. Yes, a little gooey, but no smell, and it feels luxurious. Wear it under your moisturizer day or night, and get ready to be blown away by plumper, younger-looking skin. I’m checking out their other products, too!

5. White Truffle Serum and Cream – Mama Mia! This super duper moisturizer made with White Truffles mushrooms from Piedmont, Italy, is heavenly! And here is the interesting thing: it comes in two parts. When you open the lid, there is a thick serum on one side and a big, fat, beautiful, creamy moisturizer on the other. Mix them and get the consistency you want – a  little more serum or cream. This cream feels uber luxurious, and the slight citrus scent is fresh and dreamy. Love this!

6. Tula Purifying Facial Cleanser – Everybody and their brother has a skincare line they’re promoting, but this is unique since it is based on probiotics. A gastroenterologist conceived Tula, which combines powerful probiotics and skin superfoods for healthy, balanced, and glowing skin. This is interesting since doctors are finding so many health problems now are related to poor gut health. Tula’s thick, foamy face wash uses good bacteria to cleanse and balance the skin. You only need a pea-sized amount, and it lathers up well. I love it for those days when a cream cleanser doesn’t make your face feel clean enough.

7. Travel Makeup Brush – Are you tired of having your powdery, well-used makeup brushes dirty up the inside of your purse or suitcase? This handy silicone case with the magnet closure lets you easily keep them together and slip them into your bag. It’s lightweight, washable, and looks pretty, too. Wouldn’t you say?

8. Retinol Eye Stick – As the day goes on and I reapply my concealer, it begins to build and look a little cakey, so instead of wiping it all off, I swipe on a little retinol in a stick. This clear, oily retinol stick, which looks much like chapstick, glides on and easily softens the makeup under my eyes and, best of all, works all day to minimize fine lines over time. I wish I had thought of this one!!

9. Makeup Remover Washcloths –  The white facecloths I used to wash my face just got replaced. They were always so dirty-looking no matter how much I washed them, and they weren’t rather rough. When I came across these cute microfiber ones, I thought I’d try them. Not only are they super cute with the word Makeup written across them and that pretty green leaf, but they also pick up dirt like a magnet and are super soft. Treat yourself to something like this that will make you smile every night when doing your nighttime beauty routine.

10. Aromatherapy Shower Steamers – Turn your shower into a spa experience with these gorgeous-smelling aromatherapy shower steamers. These are bath salt pucks that you place in the corner of the shower, then turn on the water. As they dissolve, they slowly release natural oils with therapeutic effects that create the most intoxicating aromas. What a heavenly way to practice a little self-care. It makes a great gift!

11. Rice Toner – Korean beauty care is cutting edge, and one of the reasons is it contains an age-old ingredient that many Asians swear by, and that is rice. The starch in rice is a magical ingredient that keeps skin light, bright and glowing. This milky rice toner makes getting some rice into your beauty routine easy. Just shake and apply with a cotton pad after you before or after you remove your makeup. It’s very light and fresh with no sting and does a lovely job of making your skin feel nourished and glowing.

Do you have any Beauty Favorites you think I should know about? Email me at and let me know or visit my the Fabulous After 40 Dressing Room – my private Facebook group and drop me a note there. I’d love to hear from you.

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